The Pressing Need to Integrate the Virtual Builder Concept in Indian Real Estate

By : 360 Realtors

08 September, 2020

The functioning of the real estate industry involves a variety of small scale and large-scale activities. Each and every one of these elements is crucial in order to build a project to be the best in its class. The extent to which these elements are involved in the various operations in the industry doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, if a real estate company focuses on all these aspects, they tend to fail to achieve what they could potentially have. Instead, they end up wasting large amounts of valuable resources. Virtual Builder is still a new concept and it involves a collective approach. This concept helps organisations to cut down on their weaknesses and reap maximum benefits from their strengths. It aims to avoid the drawbacks of the various conventional methods of business.

The theory of Virtual Builder is based on the idea of distributing the burden of various activities. The developers can get various tasks outsourced, thus reducing their own load. Virtual builder is basically a large ecosystem in the industry. It involves a set of various services integrated together for maximum productivity. Moreover, it brings about balance and consistency in the functioning. This enhances efficiency and leaves positive impacts on a person’s professional life.

The real estate sector is one of the most important industries in India. It comes with a large number of ancillary industries. Together with these ancillary industries, the realty sector is one of the largest sources of employment in India. Evidently, functions such as the construction and occupation of properties are very important in India. Adapting to the virtual builder mode and functioning in sync would be a wise move.

While following the virtual builder mode of functioning can greatly enhance the efficiency and profitability of a company, it also requires certain basic skills and infrastructure. Not everyone possesses these and that’s how the virtual builder firms come into play. These virtual builders provide end-to-end solutions for various problems in the realty sector. They provide the developers with robust networks of bankers, investors, architects, landscape consultants, construction material providers and more. Naturally, this makes the developer’s job much easier. Moreover, these firms also train the developers and help them improve their skills in various aspects.

Virtual builders also provide considerable help in boosting sales. They offer fresh and eye-catching content to potential buyers, thus making the project attractive for them. The reputed virtual builders also provide the necessary back-end support. They provide various after-sales services such as the collection of money and help buyers with their queries.

They also help the buyers to carry out the entire purchasing and property registration processes with maximum transparency. This, in turn, helps to build a relationship of trust between the builder and the buyer. Evidently, such virtual builders would be of great benefit to the realty companies. To keep up with the changing times and stay ahead of the competition in the industry, Indian real estate would need to adapt to the virtual builder concept.