Themed plotted developments attract young buyers

By : Silky Malhotra

14 December, 2018

Themed plotted real estate complexes are increasingly attracting young buyers in India. In recent years, the real estate investment in India has increased manifold. A number of projects have come up across the country, which offers themed plotted developments to the buyers. Such projects are drawing buyers in large numbers in recent years, as they allow the homeowners to develop homes that cater to their hobbies and passions. For instance, themed plotted developments have got adequate infrastructure for nature, sports activities, organic farming and so on. These plots are being upgraded by the reputed real estate companies. These are not simple pieces of land that are connected by basic features like water supply, concrete roads, park and electricity. Themed complexes have been in the trend for quite some time now. Resorts, villas and other real estate have been developed across the country by the reputed builders in India. You may check out the latest projects online in the real estate portals.

Homeowners, particularly the luxury property buyers are interested in buying these homes. These include the people belonging to the ultra-high-income group and IT professionals. Most of these people are interested in building their second homes, rather than purchasing templated properties. The developers, too, are keen to enter the micro-markets, tapping the possibilities of selling these properties here. They integrate these homes with state-of-the-art amenities in order to lure the customers. Certain housing complexes have also been developed with artificial beaches, boats and sandboxes. These also contain many man-made designs, such as artificial forests.

The amenities in these themed plotted developments are included after considering specific situations. Therefore, these homes may come with turfs, lawns, basketball courts, clubhouse, stadium, facilities for indoor games and so on. Many complexes in recent years have come up with yoga and acupressure facilities. Besides, these homes come with dedicated play areas for children, swimming pool, gym and other amenities. Homeowners who buy these properties get an access to the amenities, in exchange of an annual maintenance fee. For the latest updates on upcoming and ongoing projects, visit the best property portals in India.

Investors, on the other hand, too, have been investing in themed plotted developments. They have realized that these projects attract high-income buyers and are lucrative deals in the long run. Most of the key cities of the country have witnessed the development of these resorts. An additional advantage for the homeowners in these cases is the proximity of the complexes to the key areas in the city. The residents can get an easy access to the important places, including the commercial and business zones in the city. Besides, the homeowners can get fast access to the places of recreation. These developments have taken place in areas close to reputed schools and hospitals. This enables the homeowners to get a fast access to these institutes. If you are willing to buy apartment in India, you can get them customized in the real estate portals. Luxurious homes have always been a fascination for homeowners. Moreover, these homes bring you an elegance you had always craved for. For property owners, this is the right time to make the investment.