These micro markets in real estate can give you good returns

By : 360 Realtors

05 April, 2018

The real estate industry in India looks in good condition, as the homeowners can get good returns from the upcoming projects. The key cities have witnessed the development of a number of projects in recent time. The homeowners can choose from a wide range of options, while choosing these properties. Homeowners are also interested in buying properties in the suburbs, apart from the metropolitans. Here, you will come across certain micro-markets, where investors can expect good returns. If you are planning to buy a property in India, you can choose from any of these properties.

Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is one of the most popular residential hubs. Located close to Mumbai, the residents can get a seamless access to the important areas in the city. The transportation system in the city is well-developed. In recent years, the real estate trends in the area reveal that the buyers are shifting their focus from the posh properties to affordable ones. The proposed airport within the 10 Km. area of the city is one of the key reasons for the increasing demand for residential properties in the area. The commercial importance Navi Mumbai is also high. Several IT companies are coming up in the city. Navi Mumbai is a good area to invest in.


Mumbai has always been an attraction for homeowners. The affordability of property in this area in recent years in the key reason behind the high demand for property in the city. The social infrastructure in Mumbai is well-developed. The infrastructure in the city is highly developed. The residents can get an easy access to the important schools and hospitals in the city through the well-developed transportation system. Several elevated corridors are coming up in the city. You can get a home in Mumbai and enjoy the enriched lifestyle here.


Located close to Mumbai, Thane is an important hub for investment from the residents. In 2017, around 18% of the total home launches in Mumbai have been in Thane. The infrastructure and transportation facilities in the area are well-developed. In the last five years, around 73,000 housing projects have been developed. Out of these, around 53% have already been sold out. The connectivity of Thane to Mumbai and the other important cities is a key reason behind the high demand for homes in the area.


In recent years, Pune has shown a good growth, both in terms of residential and commercial properties. The IT infrastructure in the city is fast developing. The corporate employees are looking for quality homes in the city. In Pune, you can get luxury homes under INR 40 lakhs. The developers are coming up with homes for the high-end buyers as well as the middle-income groups. The Pune Expressway, along with other thoroughfares, ensures a swift connectivity for the residents to the important places in the area.

Homes in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai also come at affordable prices. If you are seeking homes at reasonable property prices, you can have a look at these properties. Get a quality home in these cities and enjoy your housing dreams.