This Is How Women Are Shaping the Indian Realty Sector

By : 360 Realtors

07 July, 2022

The real estate sector in India continues to fuel its GDP, chipping in as much as 6% of the economy. Under the external statistics and figures, lies a significant contribution from the women, as analysts report that the sector has witnessed gender diversification rapidly. Right from agents to channel partners and property consultants, reports show that women have been playing a key role in the real estate sector in India. This has taken the sector to fresh heights. The real estate sector, which is adaptable and dynamic, has shown strong signs of growth with this trend growing strong from women who are being proactive in different segments.

In recent years, there have been several inspirational stories showing women shouldering leadership responsibilities in the real estate sector. Although the general concept in the past was that women failed to contribute to the economy due to factors like marriage and motherhood, the scenario is changing fast. These aspects of their personal life no longer prevent them from securing professional growth. In the real estate sector, they have demonstrated a perfect growth, taking on a variety of roles. Besides, firms in the real estate industry are now allowing their female employees to take pre-planned sabbaticals, so that they can optimize their performance.

It should also be noted that CREDAI has taken significant steps to encourage the participation of women in the Indian real estate sector. Women employees are channelling their skills and ambition to play demanding roles in different positions like HRA, administration, sales and marketing, as well as finance. RERA has introduced some fundamental changes in the sector, which has made these trends more visible.

There have been changes in different government policies, including the GST in the real estate sector. This has infused the realty sector with an environment where women can participate and thrive in their respective careers. No wonder, women have chipped in with their share of contribution in different positions in the realty sector.

One of the prime reasons for this gender neutrality in the Indian real estate sector is the participation of MNCs in the industry. Many companies believe that women should enjoy the same benefits as men in terms of professional scope and growth. This empathetic outlook and logical reasoning have helped women employees realize professional growth.