Tips To Make Your Home Burglary Free

By : 360 Realtors

01 September, 2016

Buying a dream home is one of the biggest investments of your life. People usually have to search hard for the perfect house which encompasses all their dreams and creates memories for a lifetime. After buying your dream home, security becomes a big concern. Similar to the way we want to protect our other assets, our house also needs its own protection which is catered to by taking precautions and installing various anti-burglary devices. It is always advisable to keep your home safe and secure and be prepared for the worst, as burglary or thefts can happen anytime whether you are in the house or out on a vacation.

Having a safe place to live is always of utmost importance. So here are a few things that should be taken care of, in order to prevent yourself from becoming a potential victim of burglary:

1. Keep your home bright and well lighted: Install bright lights in your home in both interiors and exteriors. A burglar will always avoid a well illuminated home since it increases the probability of being caught. Even if you are going out for a few days, it is wise to keep a few lights on so that the intruders have the feeling that the house is occupied and they will not take the risk of barging inside. In case, going out a few hours or a little time, you can even keep your TV switched on.

2. Safety Lock: Each and every door of your house is important and should have strong locks. Often the back doors or the garage doors have cheap locks. Install the latest and best quality safety locks on your doors and make sure that the house is properly locked from outside. An intruder can easily get inside from the windows, so it's very important to keep them properly locked especially bathroom windows. If possible get safety coating on the windows. Safety coating is an adhesive plastic sheet that makes it difficult to break the windows. One should avoid keeping expensive items near the windows so that they do not attract the burglars.

3. Doors: The doors should be strong and durable enough having latest hi-tech features that make it solid and kick proof. Keep a peephole on the door to check before opening it to any stranger. Avoid going in for doors with windows because it is easy to break the windows and open the door’s locks which is normally at arm’s length. Gadgets like video door bell system with conference facility, infra-red sensor alarm for doors and windows, CCTV cameras covering the outer radius are very successful in today’s date.

4. Safety alarms:  One should install a highly advanced alarm system that makes a loud noise. It's not difficult to bypass an alarm system especially by experienced criminals. So the alarm should be such that it makes a shrill and loud noise in order to wake up everybody and scare the thieves away before they can commit the actual crime. These alarms can also be connected to your mobiles in order to alarm you even if you are away.

5. Hang wind chimes or keep thorny plants in the window area so that the intruder hurriedly knocks down things or makes a noise that alerts you when trying to invade inside.

6. Trim your shrubs: Everyone loves a flowery landscape around the house but it should be kept low so that the burglars don’t make it a hiding place and your neighbors can easily keep a watch on what’s happening in your garden.  It's advisable to follow the three-foot-by-six-foot rule, which means that the shrubs should be cut down to as low as three feet in height and the tree branches should be pruned up to six feet above the ground. Rose bushes or thorny plants also make a good deterrent.

7. Another option to keep yourself and your valuables safe in case of an invasion is to turn your closet into a safe room. Install a deadbolt lock on the closet door, put a small light inside and write the emergency numbers on the inside wall of the closet in order to avoid panic in case of an emergency. 

8. It is easy for the thieves especially the experienced ones to cross a single security system so its better to have multiple layers of protection in order to slow him down and raise an alarm at some point of time. For example planting thorny bushes near the doors and windows, safety coating on the windows, hanging wind chimes can alert you in case someone’s is trying to break in.

9.  Keep a pet dog: Even a bark is enough to scare the burglars rather than a bite. A pet dog will not just make you happy but also keep the robbers away. A little yappy pet dog will also suffice in case you don’t want to go for bigger breeds like German Shepherds or Doberman.

10. Don’t leave any spare key outside: Never keep any spare key outside your house like under the doormat or flower pot because it might act as an open invitation to the burglars. Rather it is better to keep a give a spare key to any of your good neighbors or close friend living nearby from where it is easy for you to collect in case of an emergency.

Though all the above mentioned precautions and safety measures methods will ensure that your home is protected, it is still advisable to buy a home insurance place. In order to make your losses manageable, in case of a burglary you can mitigate your losses. A home insurance will take care of the damage happened and will compensate for the losses incurred.