Tips & tricks of purchasing a house

By : 360 Realtors

23 April, 2019

Investing in real estate is becoming perilous as there is a lower income rate, but the prices of the house are sky rising. Everywhere across the globe, several individuals are therefore delaying their home purchasing process due to their inefficiency is paying the down payment. But here are few tips which can be beneficial for the buyers and aid them in purchasing their desired houses at an affordable range.

1.    Know your budget:

The first step before hopping from one house to another is to determine one’s budget and abide by it. Depending upon one’s down payment savings, a buyer can eventually start looking for homes with that affordable range. However a buyer must as well focus on their overall financial income, because poor credit score can curb down the mortgage options. Thus it is imperative to keep the credit score high by at least 30% higher than the actual credit limit.

2.    Look out for minute details:

A particular house might seem lucrative to the eyes due to its modern-day décor or amenities, but before making a purchase, buyers must look into the minute details of both the interior and the exterior of the houses. In the real estate world, curb appeal is one of the prime reason for selling of a property. This curb appeal lures the buyers with mesmerizing exterior décor, while the interior may not be worth paying the penny.

3.    Energy efficiency is a prime factor:

While thinking of buying homes, one must look for energy-efficient houses. This will aid in the reduction of paying unnecessary bills and increase savings. Often residents have to pay a third of their annual income in maintaining the heating and cooling devices that runs on electricity. But houses which are constructed with ICF walls can ender homeowners a savings of nearly 25 % annually.

4.    Repairing can cost havoc:

This often happens when buyers are willing to purchase second hand houses. It might seem like a minimal fixture, but these tiny repairs can usually sum up to a colossal amount. So it is imperative to properly budget for the repairs before purchasing it.

5.    Make a list of all the costs:

Often buyers assume that the listing price is the only amount they need to pay while purchasing a home. But in reality besides paying the listing price there are additional expenditures such as property taxes, closing costs, etc. Thus an advanced calculation of all the possible expenditure will come handy while making an actual purchase.

6.    Learn the art of negotiation:

Negotiation is an integral part while thinking of buying a home. After finalizing all the aspects of the dream house, buyers need to figure out a reasonable valuation for the property based on the surrounding area. However, instead of making any irrational negation it is better to have a professional knowledge from a real estate agent in this case.

Purchasing that dream house can become a tedious task, but if these tricks can be followed, they can ease out the process and help in subsequent savings.