Top Five Reasons to Invest In a Luxurious Property in India

By : Silky Malhotra

30 March, 2017

Investing in real estate is a big decision for most buyers. While buying their first home it is important to take into consideration the various facilities that are available in their project as well as what amenities are available in the vicinity of their dream property in India.

Luxury homes are considered the best investment as they have all the amenities that would help you lead a comfortable life. High-end buyers want access to luxury activities which include high-end shopping, dining, clubs and more all within their residential complex. Custom architecture, luxury pool, car lifts, home automation, etc are some of the other features that home buyers are keen to get in premium properties. 

There has been an increase in demand for luxury properties in India among NRI investors, high net worth individuals as well as first time home buyers. The increased standard of living, higher disposable incomes as well as changing economic conditions in India, all play a favourable role in the Indian real estate market. Investing in a luxury property can give a wide range of advantages, like access to the latest technology, elevated neighbourhood, excellent returns and much more. 

Here are the five reasons why home buyers are now getting attracted towards luxury properties in India.

Living in Comfort 
Today’s home buyers’ needs have changed with the increase in disposable income as well as a busy jet setting lifestyle. With their busy schedules, most of the home buyers prefer properties in India which can help them lead a comfortable life and are ideal for their family as well. Luxurious properties in India come with landscaped gardens, swimming pools, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, play areas for kids and more, in which home owners can relax completely without having to worry about anything.

State-of-the-art Security
Security has also become an essential for most home buyers. Ultra luxurious residential complexes also guarantee that your neighbourhood, including the people living in your building, are all educated, well to do and from a good background.
Nowadays developers are emphasising on top-of-the-line security features in property for sale in India in order to attract home buyers. Developers make sure that there is round-the-clock security in luxury home projects, which includes security personnel as well as high technology gadgets. 

Latest Technology
Most home buyers want state-of-the-art technology in their homes as well, that includes complete home automation, solar generators, rain water harvesting, remote control windows, switchboards and more. These ultra luxurious properties have all these features for home buyers that make their life even more comfortable. 

Status Symbol
Luxurious homes are also a status symbol as well as a matter of prestige for many home buyers. People work hard to be able to buy a home that fulfils all their dreams. It is thus a matter of pride for buyers, and they can fulfil their ambition of being able to own a home that is really luxurious. 

Investment Value
Luxury properties have seen better appreciation in the Indian market with good returns over a period of time. Real estate in India and gold are among the two most preferred forms of investments. By investing in a home in a posh neighbourhood you ensure better returns on your investment. It is also a safer investment, as prices of luxury properties in India rarely see a decline. HNI’s and NRI’s can use real estate as their perfect investment opportunity that can help them in getting guaranteed returns in the long run. 

While buying a home, it is ideal to go through a reliable India real estate property site, like 360 Realtors, which helps you in all end-to-end services like short listing and viewing properties, availing home loans, legal consultation as well as after sales service. They have a number of property experts that understand all your needs and offer the best possible services to meet all your requirements. 

The Indian real estate market is very lucrative, and buying the right property at the right time can ensure you have multitude gains. A luxury property gives you a good place to live in, provide you with every comfort that you can dream of, and give you good returns as well. So investing in a luxury home can be the best investment decision you ever made. Godrej Properties, Tata housing, Kolte Patil are the brands offering Luxurious Properties in India