Trends in Indian Real Estate 2020

By : 360 Realtors

17 February, 2020

Indian Real Estate will continue to Bottom Out

Indian Real Estate will continue to bottom out in 2020. In this regard, the year 2020 won’t be very different from 2019. The year will be marked by continuation of similar trends. The market will be mostly run by end-users with limited investor activities. Homebuyers will primarily look out for budget properties from well-known & credible developers. Likewise, there will be a notable propensity for attractive payment plans that are well-suited for homebuyers.

Strong activities from the home buyers will also result in strong uptake in locations with well-developed infrastructure. Micro-markets with seamless connectivity (good roads, metro lines), employment bases (factories, SEZs, IT Parks etc.), retail infrastructure (malls, shopping units, high street fashion etc.) will continue to see robust buyer activities.

Limited yet Quality New Launches

The prime objective in 2020 will be to reduce the existing inventories. Major developers will focus on turning around their inventories with the aid of numerous attractive discounts & payment plans.

However, new launches won’t completely dry from the market. Major developers will continue to come up with new launches, primarily comprising of saleable products with the right cost structure.

Market will consolidate Further

The overall market will be marked by consolidation as bigger developers with deeper pockets will buy out smaller ones. As smaller developers with weaker cash flow will evaporate, the market will become more consolidated, structured & transparent.

Technology will move to the core

In regards to the adoption of technology, 2020 is surely going to be a remarkable year. This year for the first time, technology will start moving to the centre stage from the peripheries. The role of digital marketing will rise aggressively. A large portion of marketing will get digitized with rise in display ads, content marketing, road-blocks, email campaigns, search ads & much more. Likewise, Real Estate events will become highly digitized & technology-driven with the advent of digital walkthroughs & 3D animations etc. Similarly, there will be proliferation in apps, video marketing & analytics. Newer technologies such as Machine Learning & AI will get a shot in the arm.