Two Rail Links to be Developed Between Jewar Airport and Delhi

By : 360 Realtors

03 July, 2018

Two rail links are to come up between the proposed Jewar airport and Delhi, according to officials. The Greenfield Airport is scheduled to come up at Gautam Budh Nagar by 2022. This airport will be connected to Delhi through railway, according to the proposed plans. This will give a boost to the connectivity in the area, which will foster the growth of real estate in the region. Over the years, the commercial importance of the area has been on the rise, which has led to an increasing demand for quality homes. With the development of the new airport, the residents will be able to seek air transportation to the desired places. Besides, the railway connectivity will enable the passengers to reach Delhi in quick time from the airport. In recent years, the commercial importance of the area has increased manifold and people from different parts of the country are migrating to the region to settle in the sophisticated apartments coming up in the area. The two railway lines will link Jewar with Delhi, with will enable the residents to get across to their desired areas with ease. The quick access to the capital will also strengthen the growth of real estate in the region.

According to the officials, the techno-economic feasibility and project report have been developed by Price Waterhouse Coopers. The report reveals that 1,441 hectares of land needto be acquired in the adjoining villages for developing the project. Land will be acquired from as many as eight villages to develop the airport. It is estimated that the airport will be ready to be operated by 2022, provided the land is acquired in time. Besides, the development of railway connectivity in the region will bolster the connectivity to a great extent. It has been revealed that the PPP model will be followed by the government in developing the project. The development will take place in four phases. A capital of INR 14,754 crore has been allocated for the project. The airport will be having tow runways, with the capacity to handle around 70 million passengers on an annual basis. Besides, the cargo airport is also coming up in the region. This will have the capacity to handle around 3 million metric tonnes of goods every year.

 A meeting was arranged in Delhi for the discussion regarding the development of the project. It was attended by the principal secretary of civil aviation, SP Goyal and other officials of the government. Work on the project has commenced in April, 2017 and it is being carried out on a well-coordinated way between the centre and the state. The site clearance had been given by the steering committee on 6th July, 2017. The Yamina Expressway Industrial Development Authority is operating as the nodal agency for the project, according to a senior official of the government. With the completion of the airport and the railway line, the connectivity in the area will get a big boost. The overall real estate infrastructure will get a positive impact, as homebuyers are expected to acquire property here.