Ultra-rich In India Investing in Residential Real Estate

By : 360 Realtors

08 April, 2022

The real estate industry in India keeps growing and has got a boost from ultra-rich self-made individuals who are proactively investing in this sector. Statistics reveal that in 2021 the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals investing in residential property exceeded the numbers last year by 29%.

Purchasing second homes has also turned out to be a popular trend among entrepreneurs. After the pandemic, this segment of the real estate sector also witnessed a boost. The average Indian with an asset exceeding $30 million has two properties under their name.

Experts reveal that the real estate sector in India has witnessed greater investments in recent years. Investors, amidst the pandemic, considered real estate to be a tangible and secure option for investment. This would also help them cope up with the economic volatility. Besides, real estate happens to be a lucrative investment option that fuels institutional demand. Property brokers believe that the UHNWIs are currently willing to purchase new properties in 2022. Most of these people want to invest in domestic real estate at the outset, and then move on the foreign markets like the UAE, UK, and the US.

In India, the number of self-made UHNWIs is growing. Many of these individuals have come up with successful startups. Besides, they get investment from venture capitalists at high valuations to successfully run their businesses. In 2021, there has been an 11% increment in the number of UHNWIs in India. Among all the cities, Bengaluru had the fastest growth in this regard. Delhi and Mumbai closely followed the suit. In all these cities, real estate investment happens to be a lucrative avenue. In the coming years, the healthy trend is expected to fuel growth in the real estate sector.