Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari promises 20,000 km highway projects to come up by March 2018

By : 360 Realtors

05 January, 2018

Union minister Nitin Gadkari has promised that 20,000 kms of highway projects will come up in the country by 2018. Earlier, his dissatisfaction over the slow development of roadways was evident and NHAI had targeted to develop 10,000 kms of highways for the financial year 2018. Later, Gadkari doubled the target and wished to achieve the same by March 2018. The road ministry government further aims to add another stretch of 25,000 kms in 2018-19 and modernize the infrastructure in the country. Apart from facilitating transportation systems, these projects will generate a lot of employment and pacify the growth of the economy.

Speaking in context of the ASEAN India Summit, he stated that the domestic infrastructure of the country is undergoing a massive revolution. Previously, the pace of road construction was around 2 kms per day, which has now risen to 28 kms per day. He further stated that by the next financial year, the rate of road construction will be around 40 kms per day. As the need to develop the infrastructure of the country is of highest priority, these developments are likely to take place in the coming years. It is for this reason that the target set by NHAI has been doubled to 20000 kms for the financial year 2018.

Previously, the target set up by NHAI was only 6,500 kms in 2018, which was later increased to 10,000 kms. The development of highways will facilitate the growth of the real estate industries in the country. Evidently, it is necessary to develop the Highways to nurture the growth of the real estate sector.

The Centre has come up with a programme named Bharatmala which targets to develop an extensive network of roadways. The Cabinet approved the programme in October 2017, according to which a Target of developing 66,100 kms of national highways has been undertaken. The Roads will come up in two phases, with 24,800 kms in the first phase and 30,600 kms in the second phase. The estimated cost involved in the project is around INR 6.92 lakh crore. With the accomplishment of these projects, the transportation infrastructure in the country will receive a boost.