Wellness Becomes Integral To Luxury Housing In 2021

By : Abhiyan Times

09 February, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic required people to adapt to the new normal and this didn’t just end at changing lifestyles. The very definition of luxury housing has been redefined among the homebuyers, with a change in perception. Now people prefer to buy residential projects with wellness amenities rather than a blanket of high-flying features. Sanitation, health and fitness and lifestyle are among the top priorities of the contemporary home buyers seeking luxury residences.

The demand for facilities like gym, sauna, sunbath, jogging and cycling tracks and meditation area is higher than ever, with individuals trying to boost their immunity and fitness. Moreover, with Work- from-Home (WFH) being the new norm, people are trying to keep themselves in good shape while staying home. Fitness and lifestyle amenities had become a common feature in luxury housing projects in recent years. However, the developers are now putting special emphasis on them.

Organic living has become a very common trend, with the homebuyers aiming to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of the modern luxury housing estates now come with facilities for organic farming, horticulture, apiculture, etc. to provide the residents with fresh produce. In some of these projects, the developers have also tied up with various cultivation agencies. If the buyers wish, they can hire the services of these agencies to get the farming and allied activities taken care of.

Open spaces and gardens have always been a popular criterion among the homebuyers. Especially in the metropolitan cities with a fast-paced lifestyle, home-seekers look for a residence where they would be able to enjoy a break from the noise and pollution. At a time when people are staying home due to the pandemic, the demand for such green spaces has considerably risen. The builders are often integrating their projects with landscaped and themed gardens rich in foliage. The most popular luxury projects feature walking trails, seating areas and other facilities that help the residents enjoy the green ambience to the fullest.

That being said, it is quite natural that the home buyers’ choice of location has undergone considerable changes as well. In order to enjoy a truly relaxing lifestyle, many are looking for properties in the suburbs of major cities. While these suburbs offer a peaceful environment away from the bustle of the city and relatively higher green cover, they now boast of well-developed infrastructure. Certain developers have come up with residential projects in beautiful locations like hills and valleys where the residents may enjoy excellent views and a clean environment.

The advent of the new normal has ushered in a new era for the Indian real estate, with the preferences of the homebuyers shifting towards adding value to their lifestyle. The trend is expected to grow in the long run, with the demand and supply for such projects constantly on the rise.