What makes Pune the best city to live in.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Janaagraha centre of the Advocacy group, Pune ranks 2nd while Mumbai ranks 4th in the Top 10 cities in India to live. This survey was based on the various urban governance parameters. Following are the 10 reasons that make Pune the best city to live in.

#1 An ever-growing IT Hub.

With the number of professionals growing in every field, living in an economically growing city is a pre-requisite for growth. Pune is home to many multinational companies, global markets and internationally recognised IT firms as well as brands. Besides Pune has a learning culture that offers the proper atmosphere for both the newcomers as well as established professionals to flourish in Pune.

#2 Safe and robust.

The recent statistics from the Pune Police Commission 2017 revealed a downward trend in the incidences of accidents, murder, robbery, dacoity, chain snatching and many such crimes as compared to 2017. Besides, it is a very robust and lively city where travelling in the middle of the night is also very safe even for the girls.

#3 Relaxed lifestyle

Though Pune has seen a tremendous growth in the Real estate in the past few years one must agree that there is a little change in the lifestyle of the people in Pune as compared to Mumbai and Banglore. Besides the India property prices, food and other facilities also come way cheaper than Mumbai and Bangalore.

#4 Clean and green city.

According to the statistics, Pune ranks 2nd in the country after Mumbai and has 362 green buildings. Most of the new buildings coming up also try to maintain the greenery in  the city.

#5 Educational hub

Pune has always been and still is the educational hub of India. It is home to some of the finest educational institutes of the country. And the number of schools, educational institutes, colleges and universities is ever growing. Pune can proudly mention that it’s a home to some of the highly educated bunch in the nation.

#6 A peace-loving city

The city of Pune is so soothing, peaceful and rejuvenating that the people of Pune hardly find a need to go on a vacation to revitalise themselves. Due to this very reason people choose Pune as their home for their second innings of life i.e. post-retirement rightfully calling itself “Pensioners Paradise’.

#7 A heartfelt welcome to the new residents

Pune is an amazing city to start life afresh. That’s the reason people choose Pune as a city to migrate to for jobs or even to start a new venture of their own. Pune real estate is ever growing providing the people their dream home at the affordable prices making Pune as the best real asset in India.

#8 Best Climate

Pune has the best climate in India. Be it summer, winter or monsoon – Pune experiences every season in moderation. This is one of the most important reason why Pune is on the top of the list of the people wishing to invest in Property in India.

#9 A city with high cultural values

Pune is the city with highest cultural values. Any and every festival is celebrated in high spirits in Pune. And with the passage of time it is becoming more and more vibrant. Come and experience Pune during Ganesh Chaturthi or Janmashtami to get the feel of what I vouch for.

#10 Heaven for the food lovers

Pune is heaven on earth for the foodies. Be it street side vadapav or a typical Maharashtrian thali or even the world cuisine for that matter. Pune excels in all.

Pune is thus considered to be the best city to live in.