What should you look out for before purchasing a home?

By : 360 Realtors

21 November, 2018

Homeowners look out for a number of factors and love to get their home customized, before they finally buy it. Well, you should note, that purchasing a home is an investment, considering the great potential for property in the contemporary real estate market. Therefore, before making your real estate investment in India, you need to look out for a number of factors. From the costs of properties to government policies and RERA guidelines, you need to take a note of all these aspects. Besides, homeowners also need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the taxation policies.

Before investing in a home, the property owners need to look into the following areas.

Research on the property

A research-oriented purchase can help you find your dream home. In the past, the real estate agents used to help people choose their homes. In these cases, the scope of their individual freedom was limited. However, now, with the real estate websites becoming an interface between the sellers and buyers, they can enjoy a greater freedom while getting their homes customized. Visit the best property portals in India and have a look at the upcoming properties. You can get all relevant details in these websites.


The choice of homes largely depends on the presence of amenities in the residential complexes. A large number of developers have come up with sophisticated home in India.  The homeowners, too, are interested in buying apartments in estates, where they can get an easy access to the necessary amenities. The most common among these are swimming pool, gym, jogging and cycling tracks, badminton court, clubhouse and so on. The residents can engage themselves with quality time in these complexes.


The location of a property largely determines its demand. Apartments that are located close to the important commercial zones in the city are in great demand. This is because, the residents can get a seamless access to their offices. Besides, the residents also prefer homes that are close to the places of entertainment like shopping complexes, shopping malls, multiplexes, bars, restaurants, clubs and so on. They also seek apartments that are close to the reputed schools and hospitals in the area. All these factors determine the choice of homebuyers.

Lifestyle requirements

 The type of lifestyle a person leads also decides the kind of home required. This factor needs to be taken into consideration before you invest in a property. Some people love green-living facilities in the apartments, others love apartments with a good interior design and so on. Accordingly, they opt for apartments in housing complexes with lawns, proximity to the areas of recreation, good transportation facilities around, and other factors.

Apart from these, the documentation and investment purpose also determine the choice of homes to a great extent. You may be looking forward to rent off the apartment after purchasing it. Other people like using it personally, and for their family. The reputed builders in India have taken the key aspects influencing property demand into consideration. You can visit the leading property portals to stay updated with the ongoing ad upcoming projects in the key cities.