Why Makes Indian Real Estate A Major Draw For NRIs?

By : 360 Realtors

05 May, 2023

NRIs find a lucrative investment avenue in the real estate market in India. Thanks to the favourable policies of the Indian government, the country has been attracting investments from foreigners to stabilize its economic growth. The real estate industry in India presents several attractive opportunities for investments. This has fuelled a constant spike in NRI investments.

The returns are high on real estate investments, as the industry in India is booming. Besides, both commercial and residential properties in the country are undergoing a high demand. This trend has significantly encouraged NRIs to choose India as their investment destination. High capital appreciation is the key reason due to which NRIs are willing to invest in the real estate industry in India.

In India, the government has relaxed norms regulating investments. Currently, the real estate sector can receive 100% FDI. So, finished real estate projects can be a great investment opportunity for NRIs. Shopping malls, commercial centres, and townships are some of the popular options for NRIs to invest in. Besides, the government has eased up norms regarding the repatriation of funds. As a result, NRIs can enjoy a seamless investment experience in the country’s real estate sector. Moreover, the exchange rate also looks favourable for NRIs.

In India, property prices have consistently risen over the last few years. When NRIs purchase these properties, they get an advantage of higher dollar value. For them, property values in India turn out to be lower due to the high purchasing power. Moreover, NRIs benefit from the high rental returns from Indian real estate. Those interested in generating passive income often choose the real estate sector in India.

For NRIs, the sector offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Different types of assets such as commercial properties, residential properties, and REITs are available for them. Compared to residential properties, the rental revenues from commercial properties are higher in India. With the country’s economy growing rapidly, commercial projects are currently in high demand. Naturally, NRIs can enjoy faster appreciation of their capital. Considering all these factors, the Indian real estate sector continues to attract NRIs.