Why Should you Invest During Diwali in Real Estate 2023?

By : 360 Realtors

16 October, 2023

Are you planning to purchase a new home or make a real estate investment? Then the upcoming festive season is the best time for you. Diwali is considered the most auspicious time in India, and people make important decisions and invest in real estate during this time. The festive season starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and hits a peak at Diwali. Traditionally investments were made in terms of metals (gold, silver, platinum) as well as real estate. However, over the last few years investment in real estate has started gaining momentum as properties are seen as a stronger and more consistent investment medium than traditional alternatives like metal, which are easily impacted by the volatility in the market. Investing in property during festive seasons is considered a well-timed decision that will bring significant returns on your investment.

Here is why Diwali is the best time to invest in the Real estate market.

1. Weather: Diwali in India coincides with the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of fall. The weather is very pleasant during this time, which is conducive for making property visits and inspections. The comfortable climate allows buyers to explore different properties without extreme weather conditions like rain or heat. It is the ideal time to explore new projects and properties available for investment. This gives the buyers more choice to check properties at their own pace in a comfortable environment.

2. New Initiatives: Traditionally on Diwali, businesses and individual developers launch new projects and real estate ventures. In the real estate sector, this means the announcement of new developments and projects which gives buyers a bigger choice when considering property investment. Buyers and investors can get a bigger choice while investing during this time due to the availability of new launch projects during the festive season.

3. Exciting Real Estate Deals: Developers and real estate companies usually announce deals and discounts during Diwali. These deals can range from price reductions to additional benefits such as club memberships, free parking, and even valuable gifts like gold coins. These offers can make investing in real estate during Diwali a financially rewarding decision. Diwali offers in Real Estate can be very lucrative and help you in getting good deals.

4. Low Interest Rates: Many financial institutions and banks offer special Diwali promotions and discounts including lower interest rates on home loans. Taking advantage of these offers can result in significant savings over the life of your mortgage. Lower interest rates can make your real estate investment more affordable and financially attractive. Diwali Real Estate offers include lower interest rates which can make a lot of difference to home buyers and investors. Financial institutions and banks offer attractive interest rates for home buyers during the festive season. 

5. Gifting to loved ones: In India, gifting property during the festive season is a tradition. It is considered the best time to gift property to your loved ones or family members. The festive season is the most auspicious and meaningful time to do so.

The festive seasons allow homebuyers and commercial investors to enjoy the benefits of attractive deals and multiple offers launched by developers. Investing in real estate is a big financial decision and therefore end-users who show a predilection to build or expand their real estate portfolio prefer making investments in the festive seasons. Taking advantage of the favourable conditions during Diwali can be a smart move if it aligns with your financial goals and plans.

Festivals often stand for new beginnings and prosperity, and buying properties around this time is seen as an investment that can never go wrong. 


In India, Diwali is celebrated as the festival of light and prosperity. The time is traditionally associated with new beginnings and good fortune that can bring success and prosperity. That is why Diwali is considered the most auspicious time for real estate investment.

Yes, during Diwali developers and financial institutions usually announce attractive deals and special incentives for buyers and investors. Deals like reduced prices, lower interest rates, free parking, waived registration fees, etc. could be available for investors.

It is important to conduct a thorough search and consider factors like the property location, property type, market trends, and the potential for long-term appreciation while investing in property.

Financial institutions and banks lower lending rates during the festive season, which makes real estate investment more affordable and reduces monthly interest payments, which can lead to overall savings in the long run.