Top 20 Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali Festival 2023

By : Silky Malhotra

17 October, 2023

With Diwali around the corner, you must be thinking about how to decorate your home. As the festival of light, colour, and joy knocks on the door, you will naturally look out for innovative Diwali decoration ideas to spruce up your home. In this article, we have come up with 20 Diwali decoration ideas at home, so that your home radiates with splendour and warmth.

Best Diwali Decoration Ideas for your Home

From traditional diyas to innovative decoration concepts, we have curated some amazing ideas that will mesmerize your guests. With these ideas, you can carry out beautiful Diwali decoration at home as the festive season approaches.

1. Decorate your Home with Diyas

Let’s start with something traditional. The festival of lights naturally prompts you to decorate your home with diyas. Use small oil lamps for beautiful diya decoration. These lamps stand for the triumph of light over darkness and add a spiritual ambience to your home.

To make your Diwali decorations even more captivating, get some painted diyas. The interiors of these diyas come with intricate designs that stand out with vibrant colours. These painted diyas not only light up your home but also enhance the visual appeal of the atmosphere. No wonder, why diya decoration ideas are indispensable in the festive season.

2. Illuminate the Space with Candles

When you think of Diwali decorations, you cannot miss out on candles! Explore aromatic variants as well as traditional wax candles to create a welcoming atmosphere at your home.

In most Indian homes, people use traditional candles, while you might also go for floating candles to add to the elegance. Put them in decorative bowls containing water as you celebrate the festival of lights.

Aromatic candles are available in various scents. This will further enhance the ambience during the festive season at your home. It’s amazing to experiment with aromatic candles, that will add a delightful dimension to your Diwali decoration.

3. Get Candle Stands for Diwali Decoration

Candle stands go a long way in nurturing innovative ideas for decoration for Diwali. Get some beautifully designed candle stands to bring an essence of festivity to your home. Particularly, these elegant stands enhance the festive essence while you perform the Aarti.

Look out for candle stands made from materials like brass. You will also come across lots of design and colour options to blend these stands into your Diwali theme. Besides serving their functional purpose, these stands bring an air of grandeur to your ceremony. Apart from the traditional practice of lighting candles or diyas, these sophisticated candle stands will further intensify the overall festive spirit.

4. Use lanterns for a Classic, Colourful Essence

If you are looking for Diwali decoration ideas at home, go for lanterns. They carry the essence of timeless beauty. Traditionally, lanterns used in Diwali featured images of deities drawn by hand. However, these days, you will come across beautiful paper creations with printed materials on these lanterns. These lanterns can illuminate your home with vibrant shades when you light them.

Individuals who love colours can experiment with different shades and designs. The unique charm of these lanterns lies in their ability to emit colours. This way, you can turn your home into a radiant and festive haven with a magical atmosphere.

5. Decorate your Home with Flowers

While you associate flowers with Diwali rituals, they are equally effective when you explore Diwali decoration ideas. Shop around for a variety of flowers to transform your home into a fragrant haven. This will bring about a divine atmosphere, with fresh blooms creating an atmosphere of beauty and purity.

Make sure to use garlands made from these flowers to decorate your home. The freshness and vibrancy of colours will redefine the atmosphere at your home.

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6. Decorate your Home with Rangoli

Rangoli is synonymous with Diwali celebrations. They showcase the artistry and cultural significance of the festival of lights. Decorate your home with these exquisite, intricate designs. Use different tints of this powder, paints, and even watercolour for decoration for Diwali.

Remember, the process of creating rangoli is an art. With the right approach, you can get some mesmerizing results. Create some colourful designs to welcome your guests. These patterns often vary in complexity. Integrate motifs and symbols representing joy, prosperity, and the very essence of Diwali.

7. Decorate your Home with Wall Hangings

Here’s an outstanding Diwali decoration idea at home using wall hangings. These wall hangings come with pictures of deities like Laxmi and Ganesh. Get some of these elaborately decorated pieces that infuse your home with an essence of festivity and spirituality. Both Laxmi and Ganesh are worshipped during Diwali. Therefore, these wall hangings perfectly complement your decoration for Diwali as they create a sacred atmosphere.

Wall hangings come in various sizes and designs. Depending on the theme or other decorative elements, you can get them customized for your home. 

8. Flower Vases for Decorating Homes

How about creating a welcoming ambience at your home as you brace up to host numerous guests? Use flower vases to decorate your home on Diwali that will elevate its environment. Place these vases on elegant white tables to create a striking contrast.

Besides, using flower vases for decoration for Diwali will create a refreshing vibe with a fragrant aura. You can choose from a wide range of flowers, ranging from marigolds to roses. With lots of customization options available, design your home with colours and fragrances to elicit the maximum charm.

9. Diwali lights Decoration with Jars

If you want to be innovative with your Diwali decoration ideas, get some jars and lights to take your home decoration to the next level. This is a popular trend, where people install lights in spare bottles and jars to illuminate their homes during Diwali. Fill up these empty containers with lights of different colours to create a mesmerizing visual impact.

You can place these jars on tables or hang them outside your home. The atmosphere will be enchanting, while you will love the warm, flickering glow from the glass bottles. This also marks the triumph of light over darkness.

10. Paint your House

Why not paint your house as you brace up for Diwali decoration at home? Go for bright and vibrant tropical shades that will infuse your living spaces with a festive ambience. Use striking colours that can make your home décor stand out.

For instance, you can create a pleasant contrast by opting for white and other colours. This will also add depth to your décor, making it look sophisticated. Painting your home is a visually impactful idea for Diwali décor. It refreshes the appearance of your home, besides creating a festive backdrop for the celebration.

11. Change Cushion Covers

While you look out for new Diwali decoration ideas, it’s easy to overlook the basics. Change your cushion covers and get a new set. This will transform your interior design and add to the overall aesthetics.

You may also buy cushion covers featuring Diwali-inspired designs or vibrant colours. This will add to the charm of your living space. Cushion covers can be a versatile element that you can experiment with. Mix and match different patterns and designs that blend seamlessly with your home. When you upgrade these essential décor elements, you integrate the festive spirit and elegance into your home. This will create a warm and inviting essence for your guests.

12. Install Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings are an excellent way to add a touch of artistry to your Diwali decoration. Whether you get watercolour painting or oil painting, they can set your home apart with their intrinsic charm. Canvas paintings bring about the sophistication of fine art, and serve as captivating focal points.

When you choose canvas paintings as Diwali decoration ideas at home, consider themes that align with the festive spirit. For instance, you may go for depictions of deities or traditional motifs. With these artistic pieces in your interiors, you can inculcate the essence of sophistication and culture in your home.

13. Use Dream Catchers

Dream catchers can be an enthralling addition to your home décor during Diwali. These are unique items, often decorated with colourful feathers. They add to the visual appeal of your home. Hang dream catchers in a place where people can easily see them. This can be in your hall or the bedroom.

Dream catchers are believed to filter out negative energy and allow only positive dreams to pass through. Thus, they symbolize protection and positivity in the context of Diwali. This is one of the best Diwali decoration ideas that brings cheerfulness and symbolism to your home.

14. Lamp Shades for the living Room

When you decorate your home during the festival of lights, why not get some unique lampshades for the living room? This will intensify the festive atmosphere. The living room is the place where guests gather around. A striking lampshade in this area can convey the festive spirit instantly.

Get light-coloured lampshades that gently spread out the light, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. You would love the warm, cosy glow from these lampshades that enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

15. Place Showpieces

Showpieces related to gods and goddesses are a perfect way to enhance the glamour of your Diwali decor. As you prepare for decoration for Diwali, place these divine showpieces on your centre table. Preferably, this table should have a white or neutral tone. This will add the element of sacredness to your living space.

Diwali is the time when you worship deities. These showpieces, often feature traditional motifs and vibrant colours. They go a long way in crafting the atmosphere for worship. These showpieces can transform your centre table into a focal point. Guests will be captivated, by the divine presence radiating throughout your home.

16. Get Creative with the String lights

Diwali is the perfect time to get creative with lighting. Particularly, when you look out for outdoor Diwali decoration ideas, get some string lights to illuminate spaces like your garden, patio, or backyard. Artfully draped string lights look marvellous over rooftops. Think of draping them around the curtains in your outdoor seating areas. Along with fresh flowers and lanterns, they can enrich the illuminated ambience.

Think of the soft, twinkling light from the string lights. This can add a magical touch to your outdoor setting. You would love to spend quality time with friends and families outdoors. Transform your outdoor space into a cosy haven for Diwali gatherings. Here, you can relax, enjoy your time, and create memories under the enchanting glow of string lights.

17. Design a Chandelier with Dry Flowers

While searching for Diwali decoration ideas, don’t overlook your bedroom. After all, it is the place where you will retreat after a long and exciting day. Add a classic touch to your bedroom décor with a chandelier with dry flowers.

Choose flowers that complement the colour scheme of your bedroom. This chandelier serves as a decorative element, besides casting a warm and inviting light. It creates a cheerful and glamorous atmosphere in your home. This is a simple yet elegant integration that can transform your bedroom instantly into a stylish and cosy corner of your home during Diwali.

18. Style up the Swing with String lights

Want some Diwali decoration ideas at home? Place a retro white swing on your balcony and decorate it with pleasing colours and cushions. Now, layer the swing with string lights and place decorative planters around it. This will create a picturesque setting on your balcony.

Use diyas and candles to light up the area. With beautiful diya decoration, you can create a rich and festive atmosphere. This is an excellent way to create a comfortable and stylish spot where you can relax and enjoy the festivity.

19. Display DIY Paper Flowers on the Wall

Want to infuse a personal touch to your home during Diwali? Consider showcasing some DIY paper flowers on your walls. You can either make these handcrafted flowers or purchase them from the market. Decorate the wall with a variety of flowers across different sizes. This will add charm to your living spaces.

You can also use other decorative accessories like mats, vases, and plants to enhance this décor. This interplay of colours adds depth and character to your neutral home décor. This will infuse your living spaces with a personalized and festive appeal.

20. Diwali-Themed Decor for Balcony and Garden

Here’s a Diwali decoration idea to enhance the festive atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. Install decorative elements with a Diwali theme in different places around your home. For instance, you can install decorative lanterns on the balcony. Your guests would love this enchanting atmosphere. On the other hand, use rangoli stickers to bring about the traditional flair without creating a mess.

Likewise, think of hanging flower baskets with vibrant blossoms around the balcony. Now, complete this ambience with the warm flicker of diyas and candles in decorative holders. Apart from diya decoration ideas, think about installing decorative garden torches in your garden. Create a luminous pathway that would guide your guests along the garden paths. Hang some diya holders to cast intricate patterns of light and shadow. With these ideas, you can enhance the spiritual atmosphere of your home during Diwali.


We have discussed some unique Diwali decoration ideas that should help you come up with an inviting and vibrant ambience at your home. With these decoration ideas, you can infuse your living spaces with a festive spirit. Create a warm and welcoming essence for your friends and family as you brace up for the festival of lights. Be creative and experimental with these concepts to make the most of the festive spirit.


If you are looking for some eco-friendly Diwali decoration ideas, use LED lights, recycled materials, and natural decor like flowers. This will go a long way in minimizing the environmental impact. Also, get clay diyas rather than the plastic ones to reduce waste.

To ensure electrical safety, check your lighting for damage. Keep flammable materials away from open flames. For fire safety, have fire extinguishers handy and avoid overcrowding your spaces with decorations.

Diwali decor typically includes diyas, candles, rangolis, flowers, and colourful lanterns. You can also incorporate religious symbols, art, and other items that reflect the spirit of the festival.

To keep your Diwali decorations in good condition, store them in labelled boxes or containers in a cool, dry place. Wrap fragile items in soft material to prevent breakage and tangle string lights neatly to avoid knots and damage.