Top 50 Simple Rangoli Design Ideas for Diwali

By : Silky Malhotra

21 October, 2023

The festival of lights, Diwali, brings a time for celebration and joy. You must be looking for the best rangoli designs as you brace up for the festivals of lights. Creating a beautiful rangoli at your doorstep is a beloved tradition. You can welcome your guests with warmth and honour the deity of prosperity and wealth this season with easy rangoli designs for Diwali.

In this post, we will give you 50 innovative simple rangoli design ideas that can transform your home. These rangoli designs seamlessly blend innovation and tradition. Embrace a fine blend of innovation and tradition with these new rangoli designs 2023. From traditional motifs to contemporary designs, we have come up with a complete list that can inspire your rangoli designs this Diwali.

List of Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali in 2023

Check out these Diwali special rangoli designs and transform your home with the festive season approaching.

1. Traditional Peacock Rangoli

The traditional peacock design in rangoli is a specimen of timeless beauty. In this rangoli design, a circular head and a gracefully curved body serve as the foundation. The fan of feathers looks semi-circular, and it unfurls behind the peacock. Use captivating shades of green and blue in this simple rangoli design. This rangoli design symbolizes grace and prosperity, which makes it a popular design at your doorsteps.

2. Flower Petal Rangoli

If you are looking for a vibrant floral charm in your home, go for the flower petal rangoli design. It comes with intricate designs on the petals. Create bright and colourful petals of roses and marigolds to adorn your doorsteps during Diwali. This rangoli design is perfect for you if you love the fresh essence that the look of flower petals brings to your home.

3. Diya and Floral Pattern

One of the best Diwali special rangoli ideas, the Diya and floral pattern symbolizes the timeless significance of Diwali. This pattern presents a harmonious blend of colored powders and flower petals. It showcases beautifully lit diyas surrounded by intricate floral motifs. This particular design marks the triumph of light over darkness and the vibrant celebration of life.

4. Lotus Blossom Rangoli

When you look out for easy rangoli designs for Diwali, get the lotus blossom design. This design represents purity, enlightenment, and prosperity. It artfully captures the blessing of the lotus flower. The design features concentric circles of lotus petals that craft a stunning visual effect. Besides celebrating the spiritual and cultural significance of the lotus, this design delivers an elegant look to your home.

5. Colourful Diwali Lamps

Colourful Diwali lamps represent the illuminations of the festival in your home. This design comes with an array of beautifully colored lamps. This often resembles oil lamps or decorative lanterns. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, signifying the essence of Diwali.

6. Ganesha Rangoli

This is one of the best rangoli designs, with which you can offer an artistic tribute to Lord Ganesha. The Ganesha rangoli design features a detailed image of the deity. It comes with his iconic elephant head and trunk. This rangoli design stands for good fortune and prosperity, which makes it an ideal choice for Diwali. Add a spiritual dimension to your celebration with this special rangoli design.

7. Swastika Rangoli

How about creating the sacred and auspicious symbol of Swastika using Rangoli? Swastika is a sign of good luck, well-being, and prosperity in Hinduism. This is a simple rangoli design that comes with vibrant colours and intricate patterns. It invokes positive energy when you incorporate it at your doorstep. Bring an essence of harmony to your home with this innovative rangoli design.

8. Paisley Pattern Rangoli

The Paisley Pattern Rangoli draws inspiration from the classic paisley motif. This rangoli design symbolizes fertility and life. The Diwali special rangoli features swirling, teardrop-shaped patterns that form an intricate and visually appealing element. With this design at your doorstep, you can bring the essence of art and elegance to your Diwali celebrations.

9. Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli is a dazzling and opulent rangoli design. This is one of the new rangoli designs 2023 that incorporates decorative Kundan stones. These stones are carefully arranged to form intricate patterns and designs. Thus, you can add a touch of luxury to your Diwali décor. If you are someone who loves the touch of glamour and sophistication during the festival, this design will be an eye-catching choice.

10. Rangoli with Rice Flour

Want a simple rangoli design that has been traditionally adorning Indian homes during Diwali? Rangoli with rice flour is an eco-friendly option for you. With this technique, you have intricate detailing to celebrate the festival without harming the environment. It also carries a deep cultural significance, and is loved for its charm and simplicity.

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11. Kalash and Coconut Rangoli

One of the best rangoli designs, this is a symbol of abundance and auspiciousness. The rangoli design features a central Kalash, a pot filled with water, and a coconut. These are adorned with traditional patterns and vibrant colors. It signifies prosperity and is often created as a gesture of invoking blessings for the household during Diwali.

12. Bird Motif Rangoli

This is a delightful and artistic choice for Diwali celebration at your home. The design involves creating intricate designs of birds, often depicting peacocks or sparrows. Celebrate the beauty of nature with this rangoli design and add a touch of innovation to your celebration.

13. Starburst Rangoli

The starburst rangoli design is a captivating art piece radiating energy and celebration. This is one of the easy rangoli designs for Diwali that resembles a burst of starts. It stands for the spirit of festivity and adds a dynamic, eye-catching element to your Diwali decorations. If you are looking for new rangoli designs 2023 and something different from traditional patterns, go for this one.

14. Geometric Patterns

Looking for a contemporary and stylish rangoli design idea for Diwali? Geometric patterns in rangoli design involve the use of different lines, shapes, and patterns to create a modern and sleek design. The clean lines and accurate shapes in this design convey a sense of order and balance. This makes it a perfect option for households looking for minimalist aesthetics and modernism.

15. Om Symbol Rangoli

The Om symbol rangoli carries a deep spiritual meaning. It beautifully portrays the sacred Om symbol and represents the universal sound and spiritual essence. So, go for the Om symbol rangoli if you are looking for Diwali special rangoli designs that invoke a sense of spirituality and tranquillity. This design is perfect for people looking for a connection between their inner self and the peaceful atmosphere during the festival.

16. Floating Candle Rangoli

This is a unique rangoli design idea for Diwali. Place some floating candles in water or decorative bowls and surround them with a rangoli design in a floral pattern. These candles will cast a warm, flickering light, creating a serene and captivating ambience. This design brings a touch of serenity and romance to your Diwali celebrations.

17. Traditional Border Rangoli

The traditional border rangoli is one of the easy rangoli designs for Diwali. A timeless choice for households, this design involves creating intricate patterns and motifs along a room's or outdoor space's borders. With this design, you get a touch of both elegance and tradition. This design is known for its versatility, and it goes well with other festive décor elements.

18. Rangoli with Mirrors

Looking for something innovative with new rangoli designs in 2023? Rangoli designs with mirrors would be a sparkling element during the festive season at your home. This design incorporates small mirrors that you need to arrange in intricate patterns. This will create a perfect interplay of light, reflection, and colours.

19. Radha Krishna Rangoli

The Radha Krishna Rangoli is a divine and artistic representation of Lord Krishna and Radha. This is a Diwali special rangoli design that depicts these deities, conveying their love and devotion. Besides decorating your home, this design will create a romantic and spiritual essence in your home.

20. Lord Shiva Rangoli

If you are looking for a spiritual and artistic blend of creativity with rangoli designs this Diwali, go for the Lord Shiva rangoli design. The iconic form of Lord Shiva has a third eye and a crescent moon. This new rangoli design invokes blessings and symbolizes reverence towards the deity.

21. Marigold Flower Rangoli

The marigold flower rangoli is a simple rangoli design, that you can craft using marigold flowers in different shades, ranging from orange to yellow. Place these flowers to form intricate patterns and designs, creating a visually appealing and aromatic rangoli. Why not add fragrance to your Diwali celebrations with this design?

22. Rangoli with Rice and Pulses

A traditional and eco-friendly choice, go for this innovative rangoli design using natural ingredients like rice, lentils, and pulses. With this technique, you will get a unique texture that reflects its cultural significance.

23. Butterfly Rangoli

The butterfly rangoli design is an artistic design inspired by the delicate beauty of butterflies. It features lifelike looks of butterflies using colours or paints. These are depicted in different colours and sizes. Creating a butterfly-themed rangoli adds a touch of nature to your Diwali décor. It stands for transformation and beauty, which makes it a delightful choice for the festival.

24. Modern Abstract Rangoli

For households looking for new rangoli designs 2023, this modern abstract rangoli design carries the contemporary artistic essence. Breaking free from the traditional concepts, it involves abstract patterns, shapes, and lines in bold and vibrant colours.

25. Sunflower Rangoli

Capture the cheerful essence of sunflowers at your home during Diwali with this rangoli design. It features large, circular patterns with radiating petals that resemble those of a sunflower. This design will add an essence of brightness and warmth to your Diwali decorations. So, if you are looking for a design that will infuse your festive mood with an optimistic vibe, go for this particular design.

26. Warli Art Rangoli

 The Warli Art Rangoli draws inspiration from the traditional artistic style of the Warli tribe. One of the best rangoli designs for Diwali, it features simple, yet expressive human and animal figures. Along with this, the design has intricate geometric patterns. Creating a Warli art rangoli is a unique way to celebrate cultural heritage during Diwali. Get an artistic and rustic charm to your festival with this design. The elegance it carries makes it a unique choice for homeowners looking for indigenous art forms.

27. Peacock Feather Rangoli

Here’s another peacock feature rangoli design that shows the vibrant plumage of the beautiful birds. Unlike the simple rangoli that traditionally shows the whole bird spreading its fan, this particular design displays their striking colours and intricate patterns. This design symbolizes grace and grandeur, making it a delightful choice for the festival.

28. Rangoli with Colored Sand

For households looking for new rangoli designs 2023, this is a striking choice. It involves the use of sand to create intricate patterns and designs. The vibrant colors and fine texture of the sand make the design visually appealing. It adds the element of precision with the bold colours to your festival. No wonder, it is a stylish and attractive option for Diwali.

29. Elephant Motif Rangoli

Looking for something regal and artistic while exploring the best rangoli designs for Diwali? This design features intricate depictions of elephants. It stands for strength, wisdom, and good fortune. This particular rangoli design adds an essence of grandeur to your Diwali décor. Besides, it invokes the symbolism associated with elephants in Hindu culture. This Diwali special rangoli design is a majestic choice for people looking for traditional motifs.

30. Rangoli with Rice and Vermilion

A classic and spiritual choice, rangoli with rice and vermillion involves the use of rice and vermilion powder. Create intricate patterns and designs using this technique that reflects the deep cultural and religious significance of festivals. If you are looking for easy rangoli designs for Diwali that bring a touch of tradition, devotion, and auspiciousness, go for this design.

31. Starry Night Rangoli

One of the new rangoli designs 2023, this is an enchanting choice that typically depicts serene night sky filled with stars. Often, this design is complemented by a moon. Creating this rangoli design adds a touch of magic and a sense of wonder to your Diwali décor. This design stands for the beauty of the cosmos and the mysteries of the night. This makes it an imaginative rangoli décor idea for Diwali.

32. Circular Rangoli Design

For individuals looking for simple rangoli ideas, the circular design continues to be a classic choice. It involves creating intricate patterns and motifs in a circular arrangement. The design is known for its harmonious and balanced appearance. It adds an essence of unity and completeness to your Diwali decorations. This design continues to be a timeless choice that can seamlessly blend with other décor elements.

33. Mandala Inspired Rangoli

If you are willing to go for an artistic and spiritual choice, go for the Mandala-inspired rangoli. It carries the influence of the intricate and symmetrical patterns found in mandalas, representing the universe. Here, you need to create detailed geometric designs and radial symmetry. It carries the essence of unity and completeness. This is a Diwali special rangoli design idea that adds a spiritual and meditative element to your festive décor.

34. Lord Rama Rangoli

How about creating a sacred and artistic tribute for Lord Rama during Diwali? This rangoli design depicts Lord Rama and his epic journey. It invokes blessings while adding a spiritual and cultural dimension to your Diwali decorations. This is also one of the new rangoli designs 2023 for people who wish to celebrate the virtues of Lord Rama during the festival.

35. Alpana-style Rangoli

The alpana-style rangoli is an elegant and traditional choice, inspired by the Bengali art form. It is a simple rangoli design where you need to draw geometric and floral motifs that carry the cultural richness. Creating an Alpana-style rangoli adds a touch of traditional charm to the festive essence. Thus, it continues to be a timeless and captivating choice.

36. Om Namah Shivaya Rangoli

In case you are looking for a spiritual and devotional rangoli design idea that pays homage to Lord Shiva, go for this design. It features the sacred chant "Om Namah Shivaya" written in a visually appealing manner. In some variants, you can also draw the image of Lord Shiva. Crafting this rangoli design will invoke blessings and add a deep spiritual essence. 

37. Rangoli with Dots

 Rangoli with Dots, also known as Kolam, is a traditional and systematic design. This art form involves creating patterns by connecting dots with lines. The dots will guide you in creating intricate and symmetrical rangoli designs. So, if you are looking for something beyond simple rangoli designs, go for the rangoli design with does that adds an element of precision to your Diwali decorations. If you have a fascination for geometric art forms, this design would be right for your home décor.

38. Fish Motif Rangoli

A delightful and artistic design for rangoli during Diwali, this motif features intricate images of fish. Mix and match different colours and sizes to blend the design with other décor elements during the festival. This rangoli design looks simple, yet it adds a touch of nature to your rangoli décor. Motifs related to fish stand for abundance and fertility. Thus, this simple rangoli design is a vibrant and meaningful choice for Diwali.

39. Rangoli with Glass Beads

Think of a chic rangoli design with glass beads shimmering with radiating opulence. This rangoli design involves the use of small glass bids to create intricate patterns and designs. Get a touch of glamour and sparkle for your Diwali décor with this rangoli design. This is one of the new rangoli designs 2023 that captures the essence of festive lights. This makes it a captivating choice for special occasions.

40. Warli Peacock Rangoli

This Diwali special rangoli design combines the rustic charm of Warli art with the elegance of peacocks. It features Warli-style figures and motifs along with images depicting lifelike peacocks. This defines a beautiful fusion of indigenous art and natural beauty. It continues to be a unique and culturally enriched choice for Diwali. With this design, add a touch of tradition and artistry to your festive décor.

41. Abstract Diwali Rangoli

This is a contemporary and artistic choice that carries some of the best rangoli designs for Diwali. If you love a touch of modern art in your rangoli design, go for this abstract theme. It involves different abstract shapes, colours, and patterns. Sometimes, it carries non-traditional elements as well. It offers a fresh and innovative approach to rangoli art. Naturally, this is one of the popular new rangoli designs 2023 to go for.

42. Musical Notes Rangoli

Harmoniously blending elements of art and décor, the musical notes rangoli design is inspired by the world of music. This Diwali special rangoli idea involves musical notes, symbols, and instruments. These elements are arranged artfully to create a vibrant rangoli design. This theme adds the essence of rhythm and harmony to your Diwali décor. This would be the ideal rangoli design for music enthusiasts.

43. Eco-friendly Rangoli

If you are environmentally conscious, go for this eco-friendly rangoli design idea for Diwali. Create rangoli designs using natural materials like rice, flowers, leaves, and eco-friendly colours. If you are looking for easy rangoli designs for Diwali, this would be a great option. Besides, the use of eco-friendly elements carries the spirit of caring for our planet.

44. Peacock Dance Rangoli

The peacock dance theme is one of the new rangoli designs 2023. It captures the vibrant and celebratory spirit of peacocks dancing with splendour. It showcases the beautiful feathers and intricate patterns of their fans. Add an essence of festivity with this rangoli design to your Diwali décor. It stands for the vibrancy and liveliness of the peacock, which makes it a compelling choice for Diwali.

45. Rangoli with Colored Rice

A traditional and visually appealing choice for Diwali, go for a rangoli design with colored rice. It involves the use of colored rice to craft intricate patterns and designs. The fine texture and vibrancy of colours make the rangoli creations striking. This is an eye-catching and meaningful choice for Diwali, besides being one of the best rangoli designs for your home.

46. Elephant and Peacock Rangoli

The elephant and peacock rangoli theme carries both artistic and regal symbols. It features intricate depictions of elephants and peacocks to celebrate grace and majesty. This rangoli design adds a sense of grandeur to your Diwali décor, symbolizing beauty and strength. it is a visually captivating and meaningful choice for the festival.

47. Boat Motif Rangoli

 This is an artistic and symbolic choice with intricate images of boats. This is one of the easy rangoli designs for Diwali that represent journeys and prosperity. Besides, this rangoli design adds a cultural and artistic depth to your Diwali decorations.

48. Elegant Border Rangoli

A classic and versatile choice for rangoli designs during Diwali, this design requires you to create intricate patterns and motifs along the borders of a room or outdoor space. This will add a decorative frame to your home during the festival. This design combines both elegance and tradition, making it a timeless choice for households prioritizing aesthetics.

49. Kundan and Pearl Rangoli

 If you are looking for the best rangoli designs for Diwali, check out this Kundan and pearl rangoli design for a luxurious feel. Here, you need to use decorative Kundan stones and pearls that are arranged beautifully to create intricate patterns and designs. This design adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your Diwali décor.

50. Three-dimensional Rangoli

One of the new rangoli designs 2023, the 3D rangoli design brings a new dimension to rangoli art at your home. The process involves creating intricate patterns and designs with layers or using materials. This adds to the depth and height of the art form, making it a contemporary and eye-catching choice for you.


Rangoli art comes with its myriad designs and vibrant colours. It continues to be an essential part of celebrations during Diwali, enhancing the festive spirit of the celebration. We have discussed 50 best rangoli designs for you in this guide. Get your rangoli art customized based on your preferences as you brace up for the festive season.


Rangoli designs for Diwali can be crafted using a variety of materials. These include colored powders, flowers, rice, petals, sand, colored rice, and even eco-friendly elements like leaves. Many rangoli artists also use decorative items like mirrors, Kundan stones, and beads.

Rangoli can be created both indoors and outdoors. While outdoor rangolis are often made on doorsteps or courtyards to welcome guests, you can craft indoor rangolis on flat surfaces like floors and tables.

Yes, creating rangoli during Diwali involves traditional customs. Lighting oil lamps and incense sticks while creating rangoli is common. Besides, creating rangoli in the morning is considered auspicious as it invites blessings and prosperity.

We have presented both simple rangoli designs and some intricately complex ones in this guide. Depending on your level of expertise, you can choose the design.