West Facing House Vastu Plan: Tips for Pooja Rooms, Guest Room & Kitchen

By : Silky Malhotra

11 September, 2023

Looking for the complete west-facing house vastu plan? Vaastu experts believe that homes are auspicious, regardless of the directions. However, the frequency tends to change as the earth’s axis remains tilted at a 23.5-degree axis. With these vastu guidelines, you will get to know everything about a west-facing house. So, if you are planning to purchase such a home, you can be well-informed and prepare for a balanced lifestyle.

Let us take a closer look into the west-facing house vastu as we take you through these tips.

Main door in a west-facing house

If you decide to purchase a west-facing home, make sure that the main entrance or door is in the northern or Midwest part of the property. Vastu experts advise designing a metalwork on the door facing the west. For instance, a metallic bell, a metal name board, or an art form would serve the purpose.

Vastu states that the west side has eight pandas, Sugriva and Pushpdanta, among these, are the most favourable for the entrance of your home if you own a west-facing house. They help in attaining success in business through financial gains. However, Vastu experts state that the other pandas are inauspicious if your house faces the west.

The placement of your bedroom

According to west west-facing house vastu, it is recommended to have the main bedroom on the southwest. This placement can significantly improve your understanding of your partner. Besides, it can reduce conflict between partners.

In a multi-storeyed house, it is advisable to place the main bedroom on the topmost floor. Additionally, aligning your bedroom with natural elements can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep and promote a sense of peace. For the ideal location of your main bedroom, consider placing it in the southwest corner of your home. For west-facing homes, colours like beige silver, white, yellow, and neutral colours would be the best. These are auspicious colours, and with the right approach, you can grow your wealth.

The placement of your kitchen

Remember, the placement of your kitchen is crucial since it decides the health of your family. Also, the kitchen has the element of fire, which helps in maintaining the balance in your family. Following a west-facing house vastu plan properly, you must position the kitchen in the right zone. Choosing the wrong direction for your kitchen can result in health and financial issues in your family. So, make sure that the kitchen counter faces the ease. According to Vastu guidelines, it is ideal to have an east-facing kitchen in your house.

The placement of your Pooja Room

If you have a pooja room or temple in your west-facing house, it’s important to decide where you offer your prayers. This ensures that the energies would be channelled in the right way around you.

So, place the idols facing the west. When you pray, you will be facing the east. When you make a west-facing house plan, it’s important to consider these aspects.

In a west-facing house, the most energized part of the house is the northeastern zone. Therefore, it would be ideal to have your pooja room in this zone.

The placement of your Bathroom

In a west-facing home, place the toilet in the North-West direction. Also, the commode should be in the northwest or southeast direction. Also, construct the commode a few feet above the ground.  Take care not to construct the toilet below your staircases.

Also, make sure not to accumulate litter in the house. There should be proper ventilation for sunlight to enter. Install large windows in the house to let air stream in.

Advantages of a west-facing house

 Have a look at some of the advantages of a west-facing house.

 •  Lord Varun dominates the West. People who love in a west-facing house tend to be more prosperous and healthy.

 •  In the late hours, you get the glow and warmth of the sun until late in the day. This goes a long way in elevating your mood. For people who love natural light, this is a boon.

 •  Many people believe that homes facing the West bring peace, prosperity, and wealth. Also, these individuals tend to have fewer enemies. They are generally popular in social settings and work.

 •  Business owners, politicians, religious leaders, and teachers should choose to live in a west-facing house.

 •  West-facing houses are also ideal for young people as the right Vastu setting rings enjoyment, focus, and energy in their lives.

What are the disadvantages of a West-facing house?

  Although owning a west-facing house brings you several advantages, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks too.

 •  The heat of the sun may take a toll on your comfort level, particularly in hot regions.

 •  You might find it challenging to find a west-facing door in these homes.

 •  According to Vastu guidelines, the residential plot should be in the north-south or east-west direction for prosperity and good luck.

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What to do and what not in a west-facing house

 The Dos

 •  Make sure that the main door or entrance is positioned in the Sugriva and Pushpdanta padas of your west-facing home.

 • The bedroom of your house should be in the southwest corner of a multi-floored house. Also, it should be on the topmost floor.

 •  For the kitchen, you can choose the northwest if the southeast is not available.

 •  In case the property is sloped, the tilt should be from south to north.

 •  As per west west-facing house vastu plan, the west and south sides should be higher and thicker compared to the north and east sides.

 • The property should have more windows in the east and north directions to balance the energy flow of the family.

The don’ts

 • Refrain from sleeping under any wall partition or beam in the house.

 • Do not point your feet to the door of the bedroom while sleeping.

 • Try not to purchase a house where the slope is from north to south.

 • Do not purchase a property which has an extension in its southeastern or southern parts.  

 • As per west-facing house vastu, do not purchase a property that has blockages like electric poles or trees at the main entrance.

 • Do not purchase a house where the walls in the west or south are thin.

 • Do not purchase a home with a kitchen in the southwest part of the property.

Where should you have the guest room in a west-facing house?

When it comes to placing a bedroom for your guest in a west-facing house, choose the northwest or southern direction. Refrain from having a guestroom in the southwest direction. According to Vastu guidelines, this direction is said to be unfavourable. So, when you prioritize harmony with natural forces, it is believed that the southwest direction carries negative energy. This can disrupt the comfort of your guests.

 When you ideally choose the southern or northwest directions for your guest room, you can make the environment more inviting for your guests.

Where to position children’s rooms in homes facing the west?

 It’s important to choose the ideal position for your children’s room in a west-facing home. With the best Vastu tips for home, you can create an ideal environment for kids that fosters their well-being and growth.

Therefore, it is recommended to design the room for your children in the west, south, or northwest. It is believed that these directions nurture a positive flow of energy. This helps in the development of kids residing in your home.

According to Vastu guidelines, the south direction brings progress and stability. This goes a long way in fostering balanced growth in children. On the other hand, the west direction signifies innovation and creativity.

 So, when you choose the right position for your kids’ room in a west-facing home, you can stimulate better imaginative powers in them. This also nurtures their artistic faculties.

On the other hand, values like mentorship and opportunities are associated with the northwest direction. This direction can help your children inculcate adaptability and communication skills. With the children’s room in this direction, you can create an ambience supporting their social interaction and learning endeavours.

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Where to place the staircase in a west-facing home?

 It is important to choose the right position for the staircase in a west-facing house plan. Remember, the staircase is a fundamental element of the overall layout of your home.

Internal staircases

 Think beyond aesthetics when you choose the placement of internal staircases in your house. Internal staircases should be positioned in the north-to-south or east-to-west directions. With the right orientation, your home can benefit from a harmonious flow of energy. In case the alignment of the internal staircase is different, you might experience negative impacts like health issues for your family members.

External staircases

Make sure not to have an external staircase directly in front of the main door as it can disrupt the energy balance in the property. Ideally, choose the southwest corner of your home for external staircases. This helps in countering negative energies and helps in retaining a healthy energy flow in the property.

What is the ideal position to place windows in west-facing homes?

 Ideally, the best west-facing house plans recommend placing the windows in a west-facing home in the east and north directions. It is important to understand the flow of energy and the effects of solar orientation to comprehend this. Vastu experts consider the east and north directions to be auspicious. So, when you place the windows in these directions, your property benefits from a harmonious and balanced flow of energy.

The east direction is considered ideal for windows as the direction is associated with the beginning of a new day. The sun, with its radiance and vibrancy, brings about a positive impact on your family. Having windows in the east helps the sunlight to stream in, which brightens the interiors and revitalizes your living space with energy.

On the other hand, the north direction is associated with the magnetic force. It brings constructive energy into your house. Besides, having windows in the north brings in a fresh and cool breeze that refreshes the interiors. 

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Vastu tips for west-facing homes: Decor guidelines and colour schemes

 When it comes to enhancing positive energy and ambience in a west-facing house, colour schemes and decor have a significant role to play. Applied thoughtfully in the project, they can transform your living spaces into inviting and harmonious ones.

Here are some Vastu tips for the home that should help you decide on the right colour scheme and design.

Benefit from natural light

 In the afternoons, west-facing homes get an abundance of natural light. It’s important to harness this power by allowing the natural light to stream into the interiors. So, get blinds or sheer curtains for windows on the West that you can easily adjust.

Get lighter shades

 To get an airy and open feel in your home, opt for lighter shades and neutral colours for the walls, larger furniture, and ceilings. Some of the recommended options include light blue, white, pale yellow, and cream. These colours are excellent reflectors of light, which make the rooms appear more spacious.

Choose earth tones

 In a west-facing house, it is important to balance the brightness of the sun during the afternoon. This explains why Vastu experts recommend choosing some earthly tones in your house. For instance, warm greys, terracotta, and muted oranges can make living spaces comfortable and cosy.

Cooling colours for balancing

Having cooler shades in your home can offset the warmth of the light in a west-facing house. So, try to add accents of seafoam greens, soft blues, or lavender that can create a balanced and soothing ambience.

Reflective surfaces

 It’s recommended to have reflective surfaces in your home, such as metallic accents, mirrors, and glass elements. These elements can bounce the light around and enhance the impact of positive energy in the space.

Vastu-approved artwork

Get some artwork that aligns with the established principles of Vastu. For instance, you should have sculptures or paintings in your home that depict nature or serene landscapes. Also, choose positive themes that carry harmonious vibes. Transform the artwork into a focal point with proper lighting.

Wooden elements

According to Vastu guidelines, you should have wooden decor items and furniture in the rooms facing the west. Wood is the symbol of growth and stability. This makes it suitable for a balanced environment in your home.

Plants and greenery

 It’s always a good idea to have the elements of nature inside your home. Get some potted indoor plants or consider having an indoor garden that can purify the air and create a healthier atmosphere in your house.

Personalized touch

Why not infuse your home with a personalized touch and display family photos? These elements carry emotions and positive energies that can enhance the welcoming essence of your home.

Remove clutter

It’s recommended to maintain an organized environment inside your home free from clutter. Remember, having a mess in your home disrupts the energy flow in any direction.

Choosing lights

The light fixtures in your home should complement the overall ambience and decor. For instance, get some pendant lights chandeliers, or wall sconces that can add to your home’s elegance.

Textiles and rugs

As per Vastu guidelines, it is a good idea to incorporate textiles and rugs that complement the colour scheme of your home. Get soft furnishings that go well with the decor and add texture, warmth, and comfort to the interiors.

With these Vastu tips for home, you can enhance the energy flow in your house.

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What are the ideal Vastu-friendly plants for west-facing homes?

As a part of our vastu tips for home, we will recommend some of the aesthetically pleasing and vastu-aligned plants for your west-facing homes. To maintain a harmonious environment, it’s important to choose specific plants for your house.

Here are some of the recommended plants for west-facing homes.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Apart from being sacred, the Tulsi plant brings positive energy to the household. As per Vastu guidelines, it is advisable to place a Tulsi plant in the northern part or northeastern part of your house. This plant has aromatic leaves, along with some medicinal properties. These go a long way in purifying the air and bringing positive energy into the indoor space.

Money Plant

As you know, money plants can purify the indoor air in your house. It also attracts prosperity and wealth. Get some hanging baskets to place these indoor plants close to the windows. Also, in a west-facing house, it is auspicious to put this plant in the southeast corner.

Lucky Bamboo

 People often consider the lucky bamboo plant to be associated with positive energy and good luck. Therefore, place this plant in the eastern part of the property. Try to place it close to the entrance as this invites positive energy into the house.

Aloe Vera

Besides purifying the air, Aloe Vera brings healing energies into the property. So, try to place this plant in the northeast or northwest corner of your home.


The flower of the jasmine plant has a soothing fragrance. This is associated with tranquillity and positivity. Therefore, try to place a jasmine plant in the east, northeast, or northern corners of the house to bring in positive energies.

Snake plant

As air purifiers, snake plants are perfect. Therefore, try to place one of these potted plants close to the entrance of your house. Alternatively, you can choose the southeast corner of the property that would enhance the atmosphere and nurture the flow of positive energy.


 Well, roses carry a strong visual appeal. However, they also signify positivity and love. So, try to place rose plants in the southwest or southern areas of the garden. This would enhance the flow of energy in the house.

When you choose the right plants for your home as per Vastu guidelines, consider factors like space availability and natural light. Incorporating these aspects carefully in your home can create a positive environment in your home that can bring about harmony.

Who should ideally purchase west-facing houses?

Now that you are aware of Vastu tips for homes, you might be wondering who should ideally purchase these houses. In this regard, it is important to factor in the occupation and astrology of an individual. The planet Saturn governs the west direction, which signifies the element of space.

Professionals like nurses, doctors, lawyers, chefs, teachers, financial advisors, artists, and gardeners can find west-facing homes advantageous. Living in these homes, they can enjoy better job satisfaction. Besides, west-facing homes are also suitable for social workers since these properties are correctly aligned with the motivations of their careers.

 Individuals belonging to certain zodiac signs would also find west-facing homes suitable for them. Particularly, individuals with Kumbha Rashi, Tula Rashi, and Mithuna Rashi would also find these homes ideal.

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How to purchase an apartment or plot facing the west?

While choosing apartments or plots, it’s important to consider valuable insights from Vastu Shastra. So, you need to consider specific guidelines, particularly when you deal with properties with the westward orientation. The recommended principles would harmonize the flow of energy and create a positive environment for living.

The following Vastu tips for a home will help you choose the right apartment or plot facing the west.

Avoid extensions in the south or southwest

It’s recommended not to purchase a plot or property that has an extension in the south or southwest directions. These are sensitive corners as per Vastu guidelines and influence the overall energy balance and stability of the homes. In case these areas have an extension, this can disrupt the harmonious patterns of energy. This would lead to imbalances in the interior space of your home.

Plot elevation balancing

 Make sure to consider the elevation of your plot when you purchase a property facing the west. According to Vastu guidelines, it’s advisable not to purchase a property where the south side is lower than the north side. With the right elevation balance, you can get a harmonious environment for living.

When you adhere to these vastu guidelines, people purchasing a westward-oriented property can benefit from the flow of positive energy in their living space.

General vastu tips for homes facing the west

Here are some Vastu tips for homes facing the west that can enhance the harmony and positive energy in the living space.

Source of water

Do not place the water pump or bore well to the southwest of the property. Remember, this corner is related to stability. When you place water-related elements in this corner, this might disrupt the energy balance.

Avoid Southwest Extension

 When you select a property, make sure not to buy one extended in the southwest direction. This can introduce negative energies in your home and cause disruptions in the overall harmony of your family.

Thickness and height of walls

 When the house is designed, make sure that all the walls in the west and southern corners are taller and thicker compared to the ones in the north and the east. This enhances support and stability in the property.

Placement of the main entrance

In case you have the main entrance of your home in the southwest, consult experts to mitigate the negative effects. You may use earth crystals or gemstones like sapphire to neutralize the imbalance in energy.

Number of windows and doors

Try to have an even number of windows and doors in the house. With this balanced arrangement, you can benefit from better energy flow in the property.

Assigning rooms

When you buy a west-facing house, certain rooms tend to align well with the energies. For instance, the overhead water tank, dining room, children’s room, toilet, and study rooms should be placed in the west. This would enhance the impact of Vastu on their functionality.


With these vastu tips for homes facing the west, you can benefit from the harmonious environment in the living spaces. This will create a proper balance in energy flow in the rooms. Thus, you can potentially enhance your creativity, vitality, and positivity.


In a west-facing house, Vastu recommends placing the main door in the northern or Midwest part of the property with metalwork to enhance the positivity.

According to Vastu guidelines, you should use light and neutral colors like beige, silver, white, and yellow for a west-facing house. This would attract positive energy and prosperity to your home.

West-facing houses are ideal for professionals like doctors, lawyers, and teachers, as well as individuals with Kumbha, Tula, or Mithuna zodiacs.

To ensure a harmonious living environment in a west-facing property, avoid southwest extensions, balance the thickness of the walls, and place water-related elements away from the southwest corner of your house.