Which Is The Best Direction To Sleep as per Vastu?

By : Silky Malhotra

25 November, 2023

As you brace up to purchase your new property, vastu would be one of the first things to consider. Vastu is the ancient science originating from the Indian culture, which guides individuals on different aspects. According to vastu shastra, it’s imperative to choose the best direction to sleep. Besides, this science guides homeowners over different aspects, including which direction to place your furniture, sit while eating, or carry out other daily activities.

Choosing the best sleeping direction as per vastu ensures that you can maintain sound health. Particularly, if you suffer from sleep disturbances frequently, make sure to follow the right sleeping direction as per vastu shastra. Not adhering to the recommended guidelines as per this ancient science can result in exhaustion, fatigue, and an unhealthy lifestyle. With vastu shastra, you can follow a healthy sleep routine.

In this guide, you will come across valuable guidelines on the best sleeping position as per vastu shastra. Besides understanding its significance, we will guide you on arranging your bedroom for optimal comfort.

Best sleeping direction as per vastu: Head faces the South

As per vastu sleeping position, the best direction to lay your head is the south. Therefore, your head should be in the south with the feet pointing toward the north. According to research, animals have a natural instinct where they tend to align themselves during sleep in the south-north direction. Besides, there has been evidence that individuals following this direction experience better quality sleep and have lower blood pressure.

Scientifically, it has been proven that the South Pole happens to be the best direction for sleep, according to Vastu. Researchers have found that our bodies and homes have energy. Besides, the earth has got its own electromagnetic field. According to experts, adopting the right sleeping direction as per vastu shastra improves the quality of life. Therefore, it is imperative to align nature’s energy with the vibrational energy in our bodies.

Considering that our head is the North in our body, facing the south pole of the electromagnetic field of the earth helps in drawing natural energy. This results in the phenomenon of a magnetic attraction. On the other hand, if you sleep with your head towards the north, it will result in repulsion. Since our bodies are sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the earth, following the best direction to sleep is highly recommended.

When you follow these directions, you will experience fewer headaches, sound sleep, and better levels of blood pressure.

Should you sleep with your head facing the north?

This is just the opposite sleeping direction as per vastu shastra. When you sleep with your head toward the north and legs toward the south, your body experiences several negative impacts. These include adverse physical effects. Some people might experience high blood pressure, while others have headaches. This happens due to the negative impact of the earth’s magnetic field on the human body.

Besides, sleeping with your head toward the north also results in sleep deprivation and neurological disorders. This happens primarily because your blood contains iron. This blood flows towards the upper part of the system, including the brain when you sleep with your head in the north. No wonder, why doctors recommend placing the headboard of your bed in the south.

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Head towards the east as per Vastu Shastra

Sleeping with your head towards the East has some positive effects on your body. This is the direction where the sun rises. This infuses positive energy into your body. So, when you sleep with your head in the east, you feel energized when you wake up. The rays of the sun have a refreshing effect on your body. This explains why the east is the most preferred sleeping position as per vastu.

Particularly, students and those associated with the academic field should sleep with their heads toward the east. This results in a better blood flow in the head, helping them perform better. Scholars, professors, and researchers should consider east as the best direction to sleep as per vastu shastra. This explains why most Hindu households place their puja rooms facing the east.

What happens when you sleep with your head facing the west?

For some people, it is recommended to sleep with the head toward the west. For instance, if you are a professional or a businessman, sleeping with your head in the west can help you achieve better professional success. However, if you are wondering as per vastu which side to sleep is the best, the west isn’t the best direction. However, there’s no harm in trying it out.

As per vastu shastra, there are some proven benefits with less negative energy when you put your head in the west while sleeping.

Which is the best direction to sleep as per science?

Now that you know as per vastu sleeping position South and East are ideal, you might be interested to know the right direction to sleep according to science. You must understand that vastu shastra is purely based on science. Therefore, the recommendations on sleeping positions as per vastu shastra are 100% scientific. Therefore, you must choose the south or east direction to lay your head when you sleep. Avoid the north as much as possible, and you may try out the west if you are a business person or a professional. Most people have benefitted while following this type of sleeping arrangement. Once you start adhering to these recommendations, the positive effects will show up shortly after.

Why is it crucial to follow the best direction as per vastu shastra?

Now, it’s important to understand why it is important to follow the right sleeping position as per vastu. You must be knowing that vastu shastra has descended right from the ancient Vedic period, and have been designed to suit the contemporary needs of individuals. Scientifically, it has been verified that vastu shastra is a crucial tool for interior design and construction. Vastu determines the shape, size, and direction of a property. This science serves as a guideline to embrace a better lifestyle. There are twelve key principles as per vastu shastra. Some of these include flexibility, roominess, privacy, economy, and elegance. This explains why modern construction companies and architects closely follow Vastu shastra while building homes and commercial properties. A scientific construction helps in establishing a connection between the energies around us and our physical reality.

In Vastu, details on spatial geometry, arrangement, and layout are also important. Accordingly, real estate developers prepare the ground and work on the projects.

Which direction should kids follow while sleeping according to vastu?

 For kids, sleeping is a very crucial aspect as it helps the body to rejuvenate and heal. As kids grow up over the years, they need to follow the right sleeping direction as per vastu shastra. Therefore, it is important for choose the right direction for kids for sleeping. Make sure that your kids put the heads toward the right direction, which is east or south. These directions have a calming and peaceful impact on their mind.

Which is the right direction for couples to sleep as per vastu shastra?

It is crucial to choose the best direction to sleep for couples, with their heads toward the right direction. You must understand that the bond between a couple is guided by care, only when both of you get proper rest, you can maintain a sound emotional health. The best sleeping direction as per vastu for couples are east, west, and south. Couples should take care of the sleep, which in turn, effects their overall well-being and health. As per vastu shastra, you need to choose the proper sleeping direction to maintain a happy relationship. Make sure not to choose the North as the direction to put your head, since this can trigger problems in your relationship.

Important vastu tips to arrange your bedroom and ensure good sleep

Apart from focussing on the best direction to sleep as per vastu science, you need to consider other factors, too. So, here are some small changes in your bedroom that you need to make to experience the positive effects of vastu.

• Try not to place your bed along any wall with sharp corners

• Use neutral or light colours to paint your bedroom

• When you sleep, don’t point your legs towards the door, as it can cause nightmares

• In your bedroom, choose curtains with darker colours

• Place some indoor plants such as aloe vera in your bedroom

• No additional things should be stored under your bed

• You may place items such as dream catchers that attract good luck, or even wind chimes in your bedroom to draw positive energy

• Don’t keep any electrical gadgets close to your bed

• Try to place your bed against a wall, but make sure that it is not under any window or aligned with the door

• For the walls, you may choose shades related to nature, such as blues or greens

• Refrain from hanging a mirror opposite to your bed, as they tend to reflect the energy, resulting in restlessness while sleeping

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Tips to improve your sleep quality as per vastu

Now that you are aware of the right sleeping direction as per vastu, here are a few more guidelines that should improve the quality of your sleep.

1. Maintain a strict sleep schedule

In the first place, you must follow a good sleep schedule to stay productive throughout the day. Maintaining this schedule also keeps your system immune, besides reducing anxiety and stress. With proper sleep, you can enhance the quality of your lifestyle. Particularly, when you work from home in the digitized age, your sleep schedules can get disrupted. When you follow the best sleeping direction, you inculcate healthy habits while resting.

2. Be consistent with your sleep

When it comes to health and body, maintaining consistency is the key. So, you need to set a time when you need to go to bed each day. A rigorous routine and closely following the plan keep the system organized. It is important to set a good rhythm for your body clock to maximize its functioning. Try not to break the habit or get irregular sleep cycles, that can have a negative impact on your mind and body.

3. Remain physically agile

Also, try to remain physically active during the day. Engage in exercise or gym, that helps the muscles in the entire body to move. When your body becomes tired, it craves for good sleep. Otherwise, the stagnant lifestyle and daily chores take a toll on the system. Besides, when your body is physically tired, you tend to get better sleep.

4. Follow a healthy lifestyle

 Apart from following the right sleeping direction, try to avoid greasy or large meals just before you go to bed. Don’t use mobile phones or electronic devices for an hour before going to sleep. Remember, the blue light emitted from these devices disturbs sleep and damages your eyes. Also, don’t consume caffeine before sleeping as it energizes the body and puts sleep away.

5. Reduce bright lights

Keep the environment of your bedroom optimized as much as possible. Reduce the bright lights when you sleep at night, and try changing the colour in your bedroom. Without bright lights, the temperature will be colder in the room. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial since colder rooms can induce nightmares, while warmer rooms turn out to be sultry and uncomfortable. Depending on your comfort level, set the desired temperature. Also, it is wise to get some essential oils such as lavender before going to bed.

6. Don’t worry too much

Try not to overthink or worry too much before going to bed. Also, if you are thinking too much, try to write down your thoughts to relieve yourself from stress. This approach works wonders for people who undergo stress and anxiety.

Along with following the best direction to sleep, it is important to incorporate these principles in your lifestyle.  

Deciding the position of your bed according to vastu

It is recommended to place the headboard of your bed in the east or south directions in your bedroom. This implies that the legs should point towards the north, but not directly towards the door. With the best direction to sleep, you can maintain your overall wellness in life. In the master bedroom, place the bed in the south east, south, or south west directions. These directions are closely associated with sound sleep and good health. Following these guidelines and maintaining proper sleeping direction helps in optimizing your sleep.

Coming to the kids’ room, the bed shouldn’t be placed right in front of the door. When you purchase a house, make sure to have a proper plan and follow vastu for the best results.

Since you already know the best direction to sleep as per vastu, make the necessary changes in your bedroom. If you are habituated sleeping in a particular way, you might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. However, when you make sleeping in the right direction a habit, you will notice the positive changes in your lifestyle. So, if you prioritize your wellbeing, start cultivating these healthy sleeping habits from today.

Besides choosing the best direction to sleep, we have also recommended some best principles or guidelines. Following these tips will help you get good sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Scientific study and vastu suggest that couples should place their heads in the south while sleeping. However, for better outcome in the professional sphere, couples can also choose the west direction for laying their heads. The wife should sleep on the left side of her husband.

The best direction to sleep for children as per vastu is east. They have young minds and have to manage their academics, so the east side is highly recommended for sleeping. This helps in keeping their minds stimulated.

Axial position means directions like north-east, north-west, south-west, or south-east. It is not recommended to sleep in any of the axial positions. For best results, sleep with your head in the south or east. However, theres no harm in putting your head in the southeast or southwest direction. However, try to avoid sleeping in midway directions like the north-east or the north-west. Scientifically, these are not among the best directions to put your head in while sleeping.

According to vastu shastra, you should avoid sleeping with your head towards the north. This can disrupt the flow of blood or its circulation in your body.

Couples can put their heads in the northwest direction since it is considered neutral. However, avoid the north as much as possible since is it considered to be harmful. For the best results, the east or south directions are the best.