7 Horses Painting Direction & Benefits According to Vastu Shastra

By : Silky Malhotra

30 November, 2023

Homeowners often look out for vastu-compliant homes and incorporate such elements into their properties. In this context, people sometimes put things like a 7 horse painting or a Ganesha painting on their walls.

Horses, or galloping horses elicit a positive response, which explains why these paintings are a part of vastu-compliant homes. One of the best ways to draw positive energy to your property is to put these paintings on your walls.

As you understand vastu rules, horses represent progress, strength, achievement, and peace. Apart from decorating your interiors, putting up a seven horse painting in your rooms is a great way to draw positive energy to your living space.

However, it’s imperative to take guard against what you choose to have on your walls. Particularly, choosing the right wall hangings, paintings, or photos goes a long way in determining the inflow of positive energy in your home.

In this guide, you will come to know more about the running horse painting, and its significance. We have also discussed different positions where you can put up these paintings or photos and different settings in which the horses should be portrayed.

What do seven running horses signify according to vaastu?

 The number 7 is believed to be lucky and special and has its unique significance. Even in numerology, this number is considered to be strong. The number seven is also associated with piousness or purity. This is evident from several aspects that we get to see in nature. For instance, there are seven constellations and seven oceans, and even the rainbow has seven colours. In ancient India, there were seven sages, collectively referred to as “Saptarishi”. The number seven, therefore, is crucial and carries an auspicious meaning.

Now, coming to the context of 7 running horses, these horses are seen with the Sun God, or Surya Dev, as per Hinduism. These seven horses pull the chariot of the Lord. This fact defines the auspiciousness of the painting with seven horses.

According to Vastu Shastra, these horses represent success and strength. Since they are depicted in the running position, the 7 running horse painting, they stand for speed and progress in a positive life.

When you put up a painting with seven running horses in your office or home, it reduces the impact of negative energy. As you know, negative energy significantly hinders growth, so you might find even 3-horse paintings in some houses to reduce this impact. As per Feng Shui, which is the traditional Chinese practice, and vastu shastra, the seven horse painting helps in resolving financial issues too. So, these horses represent prosperity and stand for good luck.

Horses are associated with courage, resilience, vitality, and royalty. Besides, vaastu shastra considers horses to be auspicious. Each horse depicts a certain aspect of life in the seven running horses painting. Also, horses are related to the element of fire in the Feng Shui context. This is why the painting evokes inspiration, passion, fame, and recognition.

According to an ancient tradition in China, horses represent Yang energy and are known for their vitality. As per the Feng Shui practice, horses are related to strength, fidelity, endurance, and courage. Moreover, they have an association with dragons, as per traditional scholars in China. Thus, they are considered to carry good luck. When you place a stature of horse or a pair of horses, they bring stability in relationships and good luck.

Choosing the right 7 running horses painting vastu direction

As per Vastu Shastra, you need to choose the right 7 running horses painting Vastu direction. So, when you buy a seven horse painting for your office, bedroom, living room, or commercial spaces, make sure to put it up on the right wall.

The south is the right direction to install the 7 horse painting in your home. This direction is associated with fame and success. So, make sure to put up the portrait or painting facing the south direction.

However, if there’s no suitable wall facing the south to put up the painting, go for the east or north directions. Apart from the south, these directions are also considered auspicious to display the painting.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when you choose the 7 running horses painting Vastu direction.

• The faces of the horses should be facing inside your property, whether it’s your office or home. Hang the painting accordingly.

• The 7 horse painting shouldn’t face the door of your room since it may negatively affect your life.

• When you buy the painting, make sure that there are no ropes, chains, or leashes on the horses. This painting is meant to remove obstructions and blockages from your life, so the horses should be free.

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What does a 7 running horse painting with sunrise in the background mean?

Within the 7 horse painting, it’s important to choose the right elements and settings in which the horses are portrayed. For instance, having a seven horse painting with a sunrise in the background is believed to be more auspicious compared to the ones without the sunrise. These paintings attract success and enhance your financial stability. However, it is crucial to consider the rules outlined in vastu shastra when you hang one of these paintings in your house or office.

What does a 7 running horse painting with a moon in the background mean?

When you buy a running horse painting, you will come across a particular portrait with the moon in the background. While the ones with sunrise in the background are preferred, the paintings with the moon in the background are believed to be lucky. These paintings signify peace, progress, and success. These are ideal to be placed in your office or home.

Buying a running horse painting around the sea

 Often, you might find a seven running horses picture with a sea in the background. The horses in these pictures might be running close to the shore. In some pictures, the sea is placed behind the horses. These portraits are considered good as they draw positive energy to your property and boost your progress at work. Thus, hanging such a picture with the sea in your office and home is recommended.

Why purchase a7 horse painting according to Vastu?

Now that you know why to have a seven horse painting in your home, here are some additional reasons that explain why to hang such a painting.

The significance of running horses lies in the fact that they represent speed. So, you should hang it on the wall of your lodge, office, or home where you expect activity or progress.

 In ancient times, the horse used to serve as a mode of transportation. The planet Venus also symbolizes horses. This explains why the significance of horses lies in their placement.

According to Feng Shui, horses symbolize speed, perseverance, and valour. A 7 horse painting brings financial stability and success to your home. So, having a picture of these horses brings good luck, charm, and fortune.

According to vastu shastra, the different colours in the horse painting represent different meanings.

• The red background stands for the planet Mars, which boosts self-esteem and confidence.

• A blue background, on the other hand, promotes harmony as it is associated with Saturn.

• The horses stand for the planet Venus, which brings happiness to the family.

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Guidelines to place the painting of 7 running horses in your home

Take care of these aspects when you hang a picture of 7 running horses in your home.

• In the first place, check out the expression on the horses’ faces. Don’t get a picture where the expression looks aggressive.

• It’s wise to choose the white colour for the horses. This colour inspires growth, prosperity, and success.

• Choose the right 7 running horses painting vastu direction as explained before to benefit from the positive energy.

• Refrain from purchasing a portrait that depicts storms, dust, sunset or turmoil. The picture shouldn’t depict anything negative or upsetting about the weather conditions.

• Consider the vibe you feel when you look at the seven running horses. If you feel happy in your heart on seeing the picture, proceed to buy the portrait. However, if the look of the horses invokes a negative impulse, don’t purchase it.

• Remember not to hang the seven running horses portrait in your study room, puja room bedroom, or on the main door. Also, refrain from hanging it close to the toilet or bathroom.

• Before purchasing the picture, make sure that the horses are in perfect symmetry. They should be in a straight line, devoid of any obstacles in between. Also, the picture should depict them to be running on land, not sea or water.

• Never purchase a picture depicting a single horse in the running position since it is believed to be unlucky. Placing such a picture in your home might keep good luck away. Also, the number of horses should be odd when you purchase the picture.

• Also, take care that the picture should have the complete images of the horses. No horse should be painted partially to make them look incomplete.

• Coming to dimensions, the size of the portrait and the size of your room should be proportional. Don’t purchase a painting too large for your room if it is small.

• Before purchasing the portrait, check the material used in the product. It should ideally be wood or canvas. Refrain from using materials such as paper.

• Particularly, if you lack self-esteem, it’s wise to buy a running horse painting with a red background. Since the red background brings the impact of the planet Mars, it will enhance your self-esteem.

• If your home lacks harmony or peace, choose the blue background since this colour stands for the planet Saturn. This picture will invoke peace and harmony in your home.

Considering all these guidelines, you can put up the 7 horse painting in the right way to maximize the positive inflow of energy. According to vastu shastra, placing the seven horse painting in the right way brings in blessings from Goddess Lakshmi. So, make sure to follow the right 7 running horses painting vastu direction and the associated guidelines we explained in this guide when you place it in your home.

In which room should a 7 horse painting be placed?

Placing the 7 running horses painting in the right room is important. For the best result, hang it in your living room since it will bring luck to your home. Also, refrain from hanging it close to the main entrance or a window.

Placing such a painting in your living room will also make the interiors look elegant.

Tips for choosing the best 7 running horses painting

 Consider the following aspects when you choose a 7 horse painting for your home or office. Firstly, choose a painting where the horses have been depicted in the right colour. For instance:

• A black horse stands for the planet Saturn

• A grey horse stands for Rahu

• A white horse stands for the Moon

• An orange horse stands for the Sun

 Also, prioritize your vibe when you see the painting. How do you feel when you have a look at the seven running horses portrait? If you sense a positive feeling or energy, go for the painting. However, if you don’t get any such vibe, don’t purchase it.

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What happens if you hang a seven horse painting in your bedroom?

According to vastu shastra, it is not advisable to hang a running horse painting in your bedroom. Since vastu shastra is a science, the effect has been proven. So, try to avoid putting it up in your bedroom, study room, puja room, or facing the main door. Also, it shouldn’t be placed close to the washroom. Otherwise, the painting might invite negative energy to your property.

What does the seven horse painting mean according to the Chinese Zodiac?

The 7horse painting is considered to be auspicious in the Chinese tradition as well. It stands for achievement, determination, speed, victory, and loyalty. Placing these paintings in the living room invites luck to the lives of the family, helping them succeed in the process.

 Apart from the 7 horse painting, you might also be interested in the 3 horse painting. This portrait represents freedom, speed, power, and happiness. There are many benefits of 3 horse painting, and it is believed to remove obstacles and bring more confidence to your life.

On the other hand, placing a gold statue of horses in your home invites wealth. Besides, this can help you stride ahead in your career.

Unlike a 7 horse painting, you can place a 3 horse painting on any wall, regardless of the direction. However, the running horses speed for speed and would be ideal to be placed on the wall facing the east. This portrait stands for independence and creativity. So, placing a 3-horse painting on your wall can help you achieve your goals, making you bold enough to chase your objectives. In the process, it brings success to your career.


If you want to benefit from the inflow of positive energy in your home as per Vastu, place the 7 running horses portrait in the right place. In this guide, we have comprehensively discussed the rules you must adhere to. The seven running horses picture can invite charm, good fortune, and opportunities to your home or office.

If you are currently encountering obstacles in your career or lifestyle, it is advisable to buy a running horse painting and install it in the right place. The visual impact of these elegant paintings lies beyond interior décor. It’s logical to have positive vibes around your home to embrace a prosperous and happy lifestyle. With one of these portraits in the right place in your home, you can keep negative energy at bay and benefit from the positive ones. Make sure to get the right seven horse painting for your home or office and bring about a transformative change in your life.


Yes, having a 7 running horses picture in your home will attract positive energy. Horses are related to mythology and are friendly. This makes them great companions to bring positive charm to your home. For success, good fortune, and power, consider getting a seven horse painting in your property.

While you will come across paintings with different numbers of horses, the ones with seven running horses are considered to be lucky. These seven horses pull the chariot of Lord Surya.

Go for colours such as white, golden, or red when you buy a 7 horse painting.

A 7 running horse painting symbolizes progress strength, success and prosperity. It will help you benefit financially and attract positivity to your home.