Best Ways To Check The House Facing Direction

By : 360 Realtors

12 December, 2023

When you look out for a Vastu-compliant home, you might be wondering which facing house is good. In reality, the direction that your house faces largely determines your well-being, health, and luck, according to Vastu Shastra. Under this Shastra, different architectural and cultural practices come under consideration. Even under Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese norms, there are certain guidelines to choose the best facing house. The process is all about knowing the orientation of the property which is related to different directions on the compass.

In this guide, you will get to know about the best house facing direction as per vastu.

A step-by-step guide to checking the best house facing direction

• Firstly, stand at the entrance or front door of your home. You will be evaluating the orientation of the house from this point.

• Use a compass to determine the direction that the property faces accurately. First, hold the compass in your hand and make sure that it’s not tilted.

• The compass will help you determine the North. Accordingly, you will be able to find the other three directions, ie. South, East, and West.

• While standing at the entrance, observe which direction you face. Make sure that you look outward from the home.

• You can now determine the result and find out the direction that your house faces based on the interpretation.

 • Now that you know how to check direction of house, cross-check it from different points in your home.

The importance of house facing direction in Vastu

Homeowners often wonder why it is important to live in a Vastu-compliant house. According to Vastu Shastra, this direction goes a long way in determining the peace, stability, prosperity, and wellness of your family members. Each of the directions is associated with an element and a deity. Living in a Vastu-compliant house delivers several positive benefits when the property is in alignment with these elements.

On the other hand, when the property isn’t aligned with these natural elements, this balance is disturbed.  This results in a negative impact on the residents financially and mentally, and also impacts their health. Choosing the best house facing direction as per vastu ensures that the main entrance of your property draws positive or negative energy from nature and dispenses the same throughout the layout. While the positive energies drawn from the natural elements of the earth enhance the living environment, the negative ones make it unhealthy. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your house faces the right direction as per Vastu Shastra to draw in positive energy.

According to Vastu Shastra, the best house facing directions include east, northeast, and north.

What do the five elements of nature mean in Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian philosophy that guides design and architecture of homes. The concepts of fortune, luck, and happiness are intricately related to Vastu Shastra. This helps in achieving harmony when you balance your home’s position with the five elements of nature.

These five elements include air, fire, water, earth, and space. Collectively, they are referred to as ‘Panchabhutas’. It’s crucial to understand the meaning of these elements beyond their physical presence. They stand for various energies that impact our lives.

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What role do directions play in choosing a home?

It’s imperative to consider the right house facing direction since the elements play a crucial role in determining the wellbeing of the residents. Each of these elements is associated with particular energies, specific deities, and elements. When you align these elements properly within your living space, they help in eliciting the positive impacts that enhance the lifestyle of the occupants. On the other hand, you may face adverse consequences if this alignment is not in place.

Directions are energy channels

Beyond the concept of directions on a compass, it’s imperative to understand that directions serve as channels of energy, directed towards your home. The positioning of the main door or entrance, along with the overall orientation of your property is pivotal to benefitting from the positive impact of this energy. It’s through the main entrance that positive or negative energy enters the home and flows through the overall structure.

Benefitting from positive energies

On choosing the best house facing direction like the east, north, or northeast, you can channel positive energy into your property. These energies harmoniously align with the energies of the earth in the property, along with its five elements. This balance goes a long way in enhancing the prosperity, well-being, and happiness of your family members.

Avoiding negative energies

In case your house isn’t aligned with a favourable direction, you may experience disruptions in the flow of energy, leading to imbalances. This adverse impact makes itself evident through increased stress, more expenses, health issues, and other challenges. It is crucial to choose the best house facing direction as per Vastu since the energies arising from less favourable directions may not help you in achieving harmony in the living space.

Therefore, choosing the right direction that your property faces determines the energies that flow through your home. When you align the property in the best direction, the positive forces of the universe can benefit your family. This nurtures an environment of abundance and well-being in your living space.

Choosing the direction for your main entrance

Often, homeowners ask which facing house is good for their fortune and well-being. The main entrance of your property holds tremendous value since it serves as the point through which energy enters your home. Also, your guests and family members get access to your property through the main entrance. So, it is crucial to have a vastu-compliant main entrance to your property that can attract positive vibes. These energies are the key to promoting prosperity, happiness, and the overall well-being of the occupants of your home.

Considering the main entrance, the best house facing direction should align with nature’s forces. These include:

• North or Northeast: When the main entrance of your home faces the North or the Northeast, it is considered auspicious. The north is ruled by the deity Kuber, who is associated with riches and wealth. Therefore, families living in a north-facing home benefit from financial well-being and prosperity. Likewise, if the entrance faces the northeast, it’s considered to be good for those associated with the financial profession since it attracts fortune.

• East-facing: The direction east is associated with the rising sun. It conveys the essence of energy and positivity. As per Vastu, the main entrance of your property is considered to be highly favourable. It ensures that the house benefits from the rejuvenating energy of the rising sun.

• Northwest facing: If the main entrance of your property faces the northwest, it welcomes health, wealth, and prosperity. However, you should note that the male head of the family may spend more time away as a result of the strong flow of energy. As a remedy to potential imbalances, experts recommend using remedies like helix or pyramid.

• West facing: Properties facing the west bring in wealth and the energies associated with the sun while setting into your home. Experts advise getting a northwest-oriented home for better well-being and prosperity.

 Choosing the best house facing direction can lead to more prosperity for your family.

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Directions to avoid: South East and South West

Now that you are aware of the best facing house, let’s take a look at the directions that you must consciously avoid. The south, south east, and south west are the directions homeowners should try and avoid.

Make sure that the main entrance of your home doesn’t face the southwest since this can result in arguments and disagreements among your family members. However, if there’s no other option but to live in a south-facing home, you may look out for these solutions to mitigate the adverse effects.

Remedies for a south-facing entrance for your home

 Here are some effective remedies for your home as per Vastu Shastra if it faces the south.

• Hanuman-themed tile: Place a Hanuman-themed tile on the wall close to the front door of your house. This counters the negative impact of the south-facing direction. Hanuman provides protection and strength to your family, and this presence can keep negative energies at bay.

• Lead pyramid and helix: Close to the entrance of the property, place a lead pyramid and lead helix to address the energy imbalance in your home if it faces south or southwest.

• Metals and gems: Use specific metals and gems in a south-facing house to mitigate the impact of negative energy. These include earth crystals and yellow sapphire, which can counter the adverse impact of negative energies and foster a favourable living environment in your property.

 With these remedial solutions, you can create a more balanced environment with energy flowing into your home.

Tips for choosing the best house facing direction for the entrance


Make sure that from front door of your house is aesthetically appealing, uncluttered, and properly maintained.
As per Vastu, you should use wood on the main door of your property as it is considered an auspicious material. It stands for natural beauty and warmth.

Experts advise choosing the material for the front door based on the property’s orientation. If you have a south-facing house, consider both metal and wood for the door.

A metal front door is considered suitable for a home facing the west.

If your home faces the north, get silver or similar accents for the handles or doorknobs.

The front door of the home should open in the clockwise direction. This welcomes positive energy to flow into your house.

At the front door, the threshold should be slightly raised. This is an auspicious sign for your home.

Decorate your property with religious symbols. You may hang images of deities on the front door, like Lakshmi or Ganesha, or trinkets. Also, a decorative door hanging or toran, along with a nameplate can enhance the appeal of your home.


• Make sure that you don’t have three doors placed parallel to the main entrance. This can have a negative impact on your family, affecting its happiness.

• Try not to obstruct the main door with a shoe rack or other objects. This helps positive energy to enter your interiors unobstructed.
Refrain from using dark colours on the front door, as they are believed to draw negative energy. The area around the entrance to your house should be properly lit, eliminating darkness to promote prosperity of your family.

• Try to maintain silence when you open or close the doors. Making noise while handling the door can disrupt the flow of energy into your home.

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Ideal direction for your living room according to Vastu

While considering the best house facing direction as per vastu, pay attention to the living room. It is in this part of your home that your friends and family members gather. This part of the home should have a harmonious and positive ambience. Here are some specific recommendations to enhance positive vibes in your living room.

Ideal direction

• According to Vastu, the north and the east directions are considered to be the best for your living room. These directions attract positive energies and lead to the well-being of the family members.

• In case your property faces the south or southeast, your living room should be in the southeast direction.

Ideal wall colour

• The preferred colours for the walls of your living room are green, white, blue, and yellow. These colours create a harmonious living environment for your home.

• Avoid colours like black and red, as they can disrupt the flow of positive energy into your home.

Door orientation

Experts recommend that the door of your living room should face the north or the east. This ensures overall progress, health, and prosperity. Positive energies get channelled into the living space with this alignment.

Make the northeast clutter-free

It’s wise to keep the northeast corner of your home free from clutter to maintain domestic peace and tranquillity. This corner of the property is associated with balance and harmony.

Slope of floor and ceiling

Your living room floor should slope gently towards the north or the east. Vastu says that the floor or ceiling of the properties should slope towards these directions to ensure compliance.

Placing the furniture

It’s recommended to place heavy objects and furniture in the west or south of the living room. Also, you may arrange the furniture in the northwest or north and elevate them by 1 to 3 inches to maintain the balance of energy.

Ideal direction for your bedroom according to Vastu

The southwest direction of your house is ideal for your bedroom. This orientation creates tranquillity and peace between partners, besides promoting better relaxation and sleep.

The bedroom for kids should be placed in the northwest or east of the home. This will support the well-being and growth of young occupants.

The door of your bedroom must be placed on one of the walls in the west, north, or east directions. This orientation draws positive energy to your room.

Directions to avoid

• For your bedroom, avoid the southeast and northeast directions as they might not promote overall health and sleep.

• Refrain from placing your bed in the corners of the room as this creates an obstruction in the flow of positive energy in your property.

Placing the bed

• The bed should ideally be placed at the centre of the room. Make sure that you have adequate space around the bed for you to move around.

• There should be no beam directly over the bed, as it can disrupt the flow of positive energy in your bedroom.

• While sleeping, your head should be in the east or south directions. These orientations seamlessly align with the flow of positive energies.

• For couples, it is recommended to use a single mattress while sleeping rather than two separate ones.

• According to vastu, sleeping on wooden beds promotes harmony and attracts positive energy. Try to avoid metal beds as they may produce unfavourable vibrations.

Ideal direction for your pooja room according to Vastu

• While considering the best house facing direction as per vastu, it’s imperative to choose the right orientation for your pooja room. Ideally, it should be placed in the east, north, or northeast directions of your house.

• The roof of the pooja room should be shaped in the form of a pyramid to draw positive energy. Also, try not to use the pooja room for any other purpose like sleeping or dining.

•  The prayer room should not be placed directly above, below, or close to staircases, kitchens, or bathrooms.

• As per Vastu, you must face the east as this direction is considered to be spiritually auspicious.

Ideal direction for your kitchen according to Vastu

• The southeast direction is ideal for your kitchen placement, since the element of fire rules this direction. Alternatively, you can choose the northwest for your kitchen.

• Make sure that the kitchen of your house isn’t located in the southwest, north, or northeast since this can lead to domestic issues and conflicts.

• Place your stove facing the southeast, so that it aligns with the element of fire. When you cook in the kitchen or use the stove, your back should be in the east.

• Don’t place the sink close to your stove, since fire and water are conflicting elements.

• There should be no open kitchen in the north of your property, since it is believed to limit financial growth and job advancement. If you want an open kitchen, the west is the most suitable.

Ideal direction for your bathroom according to Vastu

• Your toilet or bathroom should face the northwest or west directions.

• Avoid directions like east or northeast for your bathroom as they draw negative energy.

• Considering the toilet seat orientation, it should be placed in such a way that you face the south or north direction within your house.


The east, northeast, or north-facing houses for your home to ensure Vastu compliance. This promotes the health, prosperity, and well-being of your family.

While standing at your front door, use a compass to determine the right house facing direction. Once you find the North, you can determine the other directions, too.

Choosing the best house facing direction is important as per Vastu since this direction aligns with the elements of nature and attracts positive energy into your property.

For your main entrance, the north, northeast, east, and northwest directions are considered to be ideal. This fosters the well-being and prosperity of your family.