Home buying on your mind? Put New Gurugram on your wishlist

Once termed a satellite town of New Delhi, Gurugram has come a long way to become a hotbed of commercial and business activities. The city today draws a parallel with Mumbai. More than half of Fortune- 500 companies have their offices in Gurugram. Known for its cosmopolitan cultural appeal, the city is also rightly termed the Millennial City.

As Gurugram has risen sharply and made a mark on the national radar, so has its real estate market. The city is dotted with skyscrapers, lifestyle retail zones, commercial catchments, etc.

However, on the flip side, it has also resulted in overcrowded housing communities, increased traffic congestion, higher levels of pollution, and exorbitant real estate prices across the city’s key locations. Many locations in Gurgaon today are beyond the reach of an average middle-class buyer.