Numerology Number 6: Everything You Need to Know About House Number 6

By : Silky Malhotra

19 December, 2023


As a homeowner, you must be aware of the importance of numerology while purchasing a property. The numerology number 6 is considered to be extremely powerful.

What homeowners should know about the house number 6 according to Numerology?

As a homeowner, you must be aware of the importance of numerology while purchasing a property. The numerology number 6 is considered to be extremely powerful. This number represents the planet Venus, and serves as a sign of union between partners. Individuals with the number 6 on their birth charts are generally very creative and attractive. So, what’s special about numerology 6 when you purchase a house or try to make it Vastu-compliant?

Purchasing a home with the number 6 in it is considered to bring success and financial freedom. There’s no denying that your home is an auspicious place to start a new relationship. The property you purchase has different vibes that nurture love and innovation. Particularly, if you are someone involved in creative activities like art, music, writing, cooking, or dancing, living in house numbers 6 can help you achieve success.

Why Should Go For Home Numerology Number 6?

The influence of the planet Venus is evident in numerology number 6 in homes. This infuses with it a greater aesthetic and artistic quality. People living in a house with the number 6 in its address generally appreciate symmetrical designs and natural beauty, and have refined preferences.

So, if you are one of these people and are planning to start a family, it’s wise to move to a house with number 6 in it. This will bring harmony to your life, as you can benefit from the energy and peace of number 6. With the proper selection, you won’t experience stress or discord within the walls.

To understand who should go for the numerology number 6 in homes, you should consider your birth date. If the numbers in your date of birth add up to the number 6, you should try to move to such homes. Also, individuals with the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus find the house numbers 6 favourable for them. These homes help them to nurture personal growth, particularly if they are engaged in social work, childcare services, the medical field, or teaching.

Besides, you must consider the auspicious timing when you move to a new home as per Vastu principles. This ensures a prosperous and harmonious beginning of your family.

The 6 house numerology meaning indicates that the occupants will appreciate aesthetics and beauty due to the harmonious vibe dominating the home. These residents are ideal for people planning to start their family.

Who should avoid house number 6 in numerology?

Well, number 6 in numerology is not suitable for everyone. So, you must know your nature before purchasing a particular home. Properties with the number 6 in numerology offer an inviting and warm ambience. However, if you are someone looking for independence and solitude, these homes may not suit you. The reason is, that such homes are not supportive for people seeking autonomy or personal space as they foster a sense of togetherness.

Also, the 6 house numerology is not considered ideal for people who are focussed on material success and financial growth. So, if you are indulged in spending extravagantly or love luxury, try to avoid this number in your home. Living in such properties will put you off the track on your pursuit for wealth.

Likewise, if you are engaged in a professional related to the finance industry, try to avoid such homes. It may result in financial losses or setbacks. People looking for rapid financial gains or a lifestyle defined by freedom, you should consider numerological numbers other than 6.

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Home decor tips for house numbers 6

Now that you are familiar with the number 6 meaning, let’s explore some of the best home décor tips for you.

• Experts recommend an artistic interior and home décor if you reside in such a home. This decoration aligns with your creative nature and artistic expression. Being a resident of these homes, you must embrace an imaginative and artistic style that matches the property’s ambience.

• Try to decorate the property with paintings and musical instruments, so that you can infuse it with better aesthetics and creativity.

• Also, focus on the outdoor areas in houses with 6 in numerology. For instance, the porch in your house should look inviting. Try to have a birdhouse, and work on the aesthetics in the front yard. This will create a harmonious and appealing environment.

• If you are a healing-based professional who operates from the home, make sure to create a home-office in a dedicated space. This will provide you with an organized work environment while you enjoy the comforting ambiance around the home.

• Coming to colours for houses with the number 6 in numerology, shades like pale blue, green, and lilac are considered ideal. Try to avoid colours like yellow in the décor, since this colour doesn’t align with the flow of harmonious energy flow in your home.

• As per Vastu norms, there should be no clutter in the southeast area of your house, which facilitates the flow of positive energy. Try to nurture green plants in the north of your home, as this will enhance your career prospects.

• It’s a great idea to create a soothing and peaceful corner around your home. For instance, you may choose a bookshelf and place a comfortable chair beside it to read your favourite books. Alternatively, if you have a balcony full of greenery, place a small chair in it. Sitting in these positions, you can feel the harmony in your house numbers 6.

Exploring the features in home numerology number 6

Considering the importance of the number 6 in numerology, these houses are featured by a strong focus on family bond, relationships, and the essence of belongingness. So, if you reside in these homes, your character might show these traits.

Now, let’s take a look at the characteristics of individuals living in these homes.


Individuals residing in house number 6 are creative in nature. Their homes inspire their lives with artistic talent. Whether you are into writing, music, or painting, your property becomes an abode of self-expression. Most of these homes have artistic elements decorating them.

Togetherness and harmony

One of the prime features of 6 house numerology is its ability to bring harmony to the lives of their occupants. These individuals are strongly inclined towards maintaining balance and peace within the home. In these homes, the residents prioritize open communication and are amicable while resolving conflicts. Besides, they create an inviting and warm atmosphere in the home for everyone.

Aesthetically pleasing homes

While exploring the number 6 meaning in numerology for homes, you should understand that this number stands for aesthetics and beauty. In these properties, the residents have a keen eye for design. Often, they prefer homes that are aesthetically pleasing and the living spaces are well-decorated. Generally, such homes are elegant and feature curated artwork that look stylish to the eyes.

Homely ambiance

Living in numerology 6 homes, you will feel a homely ambiance. An essence of connection and nostalgia dominates these homes, and you will feel the bond to family traditions. In these properties, the members generally consider maintaining rituals and customs that they have followed over the generations. Often, these homes serve as the place of gathering for family and friends. They participate in traditional activities and these homes have a welcoming atmosphere.

Therefore, homes with the number 6 are not just physical space where you reside. These properties nurture creativity, beauty, and harmony. Here, the concept of home has a much deeper meaning.

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Precautions to take before buying house numbers 6

In general, occupants living in house numbers 6 lead a reserved and quiet lifestyle. This number stands for a well-organized way of living. Family members try to keep themselves engaged in different activities. However, they need to take a break from the usual routine they follow. It’s imperative to slow down the life and spend more time on activities such as gardening, yoga, and meditation. Rather than rushing around for materialistic aspects, they should attend their needs.

Another precaution for people living in house numbers 6 is that they may not be able to achieve material success in life since these homes are heart-cantered. If you consider material success to be a priority, it’s advisable to go for other numbers. Particularly, investment professionals and bankers should try to avoid house numbers 6.

How to balance negative energy in house numbers 6?

Take a look at these guidelines for avoiding negative energy in 6 in numerology.

In the first place, try to keep your expenses under control since you will find it difficult to attain material success.

Make sure to have social gatherings in your home to create a positive vibe. Have get-togethers with your friends at least once in a few weeks to bring this essence.

The number 6 in numerology is associated with people who are passionate with something creative. So, make the best of this positive energy if you are a creative person.

For single individuals residing in house number 6, try to select a partner sharing passions and interests similar to you. The vibes of both the individuals should match when you select such a residence.

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Luck factor in house numbers 6 as per numerology

There’s a definite luck factor associated with house numbers 6 in numerology. This number finds a significant place in mystical and cultural traditions. Even in Feng Shui, this number is considered auspicious. In the ancient Chinese tradition, it is related to the concept of ‘flow’.

Since this number stands for happiness and blessings, it’s a great choice for business professionals trying to attract good fortune.

Several positive aspects are associated with 6 house numerology. It stands for harmony, domestic happiness, and stability. Residing in these houses, you can experience a strong sense of family harmony and bliss. However, you also need to shoulder certain responsibilities, such as raising your kids properly. While you get a supportive environment at home when you reside in these homes, the members should go for a family-oriented living space.

Will the 6 house numerology suit you?

In numerology, the number 6 is related to blessings and happiness. This is why you will find many businesses display this number to attract fortune. Stability, harmony, and domestic happiness are some of the aspects related to the number. Being a creative person, if you are willing to take responsibility, you should look out for a house with number 6. This numerology 6 home will be the ideal abode for you to grow and nurture your family. In this home, you can also pursue your creative strengths and enjoy your life amidst peace and harmony.


It’s important to know the number 6 meaning in numerology when you look out for a new home. Since this number is associated with Venus, the living environment fosters harmony, creativity, and family bonds. Selecting such a home aligns with artistic values and nurtures a harmonious environment. However, before choosing a house numbers 6, prioritize your personal traits and preferences.


The numerology number 6 is associated with positive energy in your home. It stands for the planet Venus and promotes creativity. These homes generally enhance relationships, making them ideal for those seeking success and creative pursuits.

Individuals looking for independence and solitude, or the ones focused solely on material success, or professionals in the finance industry might find house number 6 unsuitable. The number fosters a sense of togetherness, making it less conducive for you if luxury is your priority.

Experts suggest embracing an artistic interior with symmetrical designs. Decorate with paintings and musical instruments, focus on inviting outdoor spaces, and choose soothing colours like pale blue and green. Following Vastu principles, maintain a clutter-free southeast area and nurture green plants in the north for better career prospects.

Try to control your expenses and host social gatherings in your home to create positive vibes that will balance the negative energy. Also, select a life partner with similar interests if you live in such a house.