What is the Meaning and Significance of an Elephant with Trunk Down

By : Silky Malhotra

06 December, 2023

Homeowners looking for some practical vastu tips often buy elephant decor elements to benefit from their positive charm. Do you know that there are different metamorphic meanings for elephants? Individuals consider the trunk of the elephant to be very important from the perspective of vastu.

The trunk of an elephant is a necessity, as it is needed for drinking, eating, warding off obstacles, and communicating with other members of its tribe. When you shop around for elephant decor, you will come across two key variations: elephants with trunk up and down. So, what does an elephant trunk down vastu mean?

We have discussed the answer to this question in this guide. You will get to know the elephant trunk up meaning once you read this post.

What is the meaning of Elephant Trunk down in Vastu?

The downward position of an elephant’s trunk reflects its ability to get across obstacles, representing life. While some people think that an elephant trunk pointing downwards indicates bad luck, the actual meaning is different. That’s the reason you will find elephant decor with trunks pointing down in warehouses and offices.

It is believed that energy and luck are kept in the trunk of an elephant. This trunk stands as a symbol of understanding and wisdom that helps people overcome different adversaries. So, if you are struggling to enhance your energy levels or maintain balance at work, get an elephant decor with trunk down.

 According to another myth, the downward pointing of an elephant’s trunk indicates luck and energy. It represents knowledge and wisdom that can help you overcome different challenges.

Here are the different meanings of elephant trunk down in vastu.

1. Power and strength

Elephants have evolved over thousands of years, thanks to their resilience and power. However, there are many animals which coexisted with the elephant in the past, but are now extinct. The strength and power of elephants helped them survive the odds.

The symbolic meaning of elephant trunk down vastu indicates your ability to remain strong in challenging situations. Just like the elephant, you can face these challenges head-on. When you face a threatening position, your inner strength and power can protect you.

2. Protection

As you know, elephants find their trunks beneficial as they ward off potential enemies. These animals are protective to their communities and families. If they feel threatened, they try to protect their loved ones desperately. According to elephant trunk down vastu, the decorative elements will keep you and your family protected from threats.

3. Consciousness and intelligence

Elephants have brains larger than humans, and these brains are some of the most complex among animals. They are known for their wisdom and wit, thanks to these complex brains. For instance, elephants tend to remember their sources of food and even those who try to harm them. Besides, they are capable of distinguishing between genders in humans.

These creatures are conscious of their surroundings. Placing an elephant decor at your home or workplace can make you more aware of yourself along with your surroundings.

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4. Good luck

In Indian culture, elephants are considered to be a sign of good fortune. That’s the reason you will come across elephant statues and decorative pieces in offices and homes to invite positive energy. People also worship elephants as a ritual in certain cultures. For instance:

• Lord Buddha’s mother is believed to have seen an elephant before giving birth to him

• As per Feng Shui, elephants are considered to be symbols of abundance and good fortune

• In ancient Chinese cultures, elephants used to be used in war

5. Loyalty and unity

Elephant décorwith trunk down stands for loyalty and unity. These animals live in close-knit groups, and often, female elephants lead these herds. Thus, keeping elephant statues at your home or workplace indicates family love, loyalty, and teamwork.

Elephants remain dedicated to keeping their families protected at all costs. They also show honour to their relationships that foster the essence of belongingness. The unity of elephants reminds us that family members depend on one another for survival.

6. Courage

An elephant trunk down vastu meaning sands for courage. Elephants are courageous animals and prefer facing their challenges face-to-face. Thus, elephants remind you of having faith in yourself and remain courageous, no matter what situation you land in. The last thing to do is to run away from such situations. Keeping an elephant decor in your home will help you overcome fears. The secret lies in getting out of your comfort zone and finding new opportunities.

7. Humility

An elephant with a trunk down statue also stands for humility. These animals are patient and humble, and are known for their gracefulness. Besides having position and power, they tend to be patient. Thus, they convey the essence of self-esteem and respect. Placing one of these statues at your residence or workplace will help you achieve these virtues.

8. Spiritual foresight

When you see an elephant trunk down vastu, it implies a spiritual symbol of foresight. It serves as a reminder of who you are, as you enlighten yourself spiritually. Also, it conveys a message that you might be ignoring your spiritual awakening. Keeping one of these decorative items in your home will help you achieve the state of awakening.

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9. Good fortune and wealth

Another meaning of an elephant with its trunk down is that it signifies good fortune and wealth. When the trunk remains down, it lets wealth and fortune flow down your path. Also, it signifies saving wealth and energy. According to Feng Shui, keeping a statue of an elephant with its trunk down at your home can attract abundance and good wealth. Try to place the elephant decor close to the main entrance to draw wealth.

What is the meaning of Elephant with Trunk up?

Now, let’s understand the elephants with trunk up meaning in vastu. When the trunk of the elephant points up, it is believed to bring good fortune, authority, goodwill, and wealth.

You must have observed that elephants spread their trunk when they are glad or while greeting. So, it is advisable to buy an elephant decor with its trunk pointing upward to get compassion and blessings. Elephants salute with their trunks up, which is considered to be lucky. These statues or showpieces can attract wealth to your home. Besides, you will come across elephant statues standing on their rear legs with the trunk up. These statues stand for defence and power.

Besides, the elephant trunk up meaning also indicates achievement and fortune. According to Feng Shui experts, the truck of the elephant eliminates negative energy.

Different types of elephant figures and their significance

Elephant figures can be of different types, and each of them has a certain meaning. Let’s take a look at the types of elephant decor that you can get for your home or office.

• A white elephant stands for luxury, riches, and money.

• A black elephant figure can attract success and money.

• A red elephant statue can attract fame.

• Green elephant figures draw charm and lucky energy to your home.

• Therefore, the colour of the elephant and whether its truck points upward or downwards determine the wealth and success of families living in these homes.

• Likewise, the image of an elephant that stands on its hind legs showcases the security and power of an individual. When you place an elephant decor crossing trunks with each other, it represents strong family ties and bonds.

• Also, you might come across decorative pieces with two elephants, where one tusk is missing in an elephant. It shows a strong or developing friendship between males and females.

• If you place three elephants in your home, it represents harmony in your family life. You are likely to experience fewer problems among family members if you have such a showpiece.

• Figures or sculptures of elephants may hold crystal balls. These elephant decor items help in restoring harmony in the lives of all your family members.

• Apart from the common figures, there’s a statue of a proud elephant that perches high on coins arranged in a stack. These statues symbolize knowledge, strength, and riches. According to vastu, these statues protect your home along with your family from negative energies or forces.

Where should you place your Elephant Decor?

It is highly recommended to place the statue of an elephant close to the entrance of your home as per vastu. This is considered to be lucky. Also, if there’s enough space in the entryway, place the statues of two elephants with raised trunks.

Alternatively, you can place the Gajalakshmi elephant in the northeastern corner of your home or near its entrance. Try to position the elephants with their faces pointing outward for the best results.

Vastu norms also suggest that homeowners should hang an artwork involving elephants in their bedrooms. This can improve the relationship with your spouse. If you don’t have enough space for statues, consider getting a beautiful elephant painting. It is also recommended to hang the painting of an elephant in offices or study spaces.

In your children’s room, place statues of paintings of mother-child elephant pairs. According to Feng Shui, place the figure in the form of toys or wallpaper, so that people can focus more on them. For study purposes, it is recommended to keep the figures on their desk. Placing a photo of a baby and mother elephant in the kid’s and parent’s bedrooms strengthens the bond between the two sides. You can also place these pictures or elephant décor items in the family room.

Elephant decor vastu tips for home

 Here are some vastu tips involving elephant decor that should help you attract harmony and wealth to your family.

• Place brass elephants in your meeting room as it symbolizes corporate success and harmony. Besides, it helps individuals attain success in different aspects of their lives.

• According to vastu, place brass elephants in your bedroom since they help in resolving conflicts between the husband and wife.

• In case you have a decent workspace at home, or a home office, try to place the elephant decor statue near the entrance. These elephants are believed to watch over your workplace and protect it. Also, the chi energy cannot exit if you place the statue of an elephant close to the front door. 

• If you place a silver elephant in your home, it attracts good fortune. Look out for a solid silver elephant and place the statue facing the north.

• You will also come across an elephant decor with seven elephants standing in a row. It symbolizes longevity, eternity, and the triumph over death. Each of these seven elephants stands for a particular virtue. These include intelligence, endurance, strength, majesty, caution, wisdom, and happiness.

• Try not to keep any artwork involving elephants that indicate war, animal abuse, or violence in your home.

• Take care about how you place the statue and closely pay attention to the direction recommended by vastu. Remember, you should never place the elephant statue in your kitchen or bathroom.

• An elephant statue is highly recommended for home offices. With these elephant decors in your workplace at home, you can focus better, handle pressure, and pay attention to work. Place the statue of the elephant on your desk.

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Where to place an elephant in your office?

 Vastu experts advise placing an elephant figure at your office. While you can place it on your table, you can also hang the picture of an elephant in your office or simply keep the image among your office supplies. This enhances leadership skills and enables you to work under pressure. In case you are into business, place the statue just in front of the main entrance. The animal stands for wealth and knowledge, both of which can help you in your workplace. The presence of an elephant in your workplace will enhance your career with vigour.

 Place a good luck sculpture of elephant facing the north at your workplace. This will help you progress in your career, enhancing your knowledge and labour output. Kuber is the deity of prosperity, and can help you streamline your career. Place the elephant statue facing the north, as it can help gain professional prosperity and financial success.

When you place the statue of an elephant close to the entrance of your office, it can bring success, authority, and knowledge to your professional life. In case you have a small workstation or home office, make sure to place the elephant decor close to the doorway.

Can placing an elephant decor boost fertility?

 Couples willing to have a kid should place a pair of elephants on both sides of their doorway that leads into their bedroom. The face of these elephants should point towards the bedroom. Also, on each nightstand, you can leave the statue of the elephants facing the mattress. Besides, you may place a monument with seven elephants in a group in the bedroom, which also stands as the symbol of fertility.

Considering the elephant trunk down vastu meaning, it is wise to get one of these decorative statues. This figure will bring greater energy to your home, help you overcome challenges, and overcome them. Having the statue of an elephant with the trunk in the fire element can also benefit your marriage, as it showcases fertility.

Coming to the direction, the east and north corners of your home are the best places to hang paintings or place the décor elements involving elephants, according to vastu.


The significance of elephant decor in vastu is high, as these figures impact different aspects of your life. From prosperity to protection and relationship to career, the position of the elephant’s trunk as well as the placement of these figures has a visible impact. With the proper placement, you can attract positive energy to your home or office.

Also, it is important to consider the choice of colour. Each shade is associated with some distinct attributes. So, it is recommended to carefully weigh the direction, colour, and variation of the elephant decor figures when you buy these statues or figures for your residence or office.


In Vastu, the downward position of the trunk of an elephant stands for protection, power, good luck, consciousness, courage, loyalty, and spiritual foresight. It attracts good fortune and wealth. This type of elephant decor can help you overcome challenges and stay strong while facing adversaries.

In vastu, an elephant with trunk up is believed to bring good fortune, authority, goodwill, and wealth. The upward position of the trunk stands for blessings, compassion, and the removal of negative energy. It is considered lucky and is often associated with achieving success and attracting positive vibes.

According to vastu, it is recommended to place the elephant dcor near the entrance of your home to attract good luck. Two elephants with raised trunks can be placed in the entryway if you have enough space. Also, try to place Gajalakshmi elephants in the northeastern corner of your home. In offices, consider placing the elephant figure near the entrance or on your desk to get better focus.

Yes, placing elephant decor in your bedroom can improve your relationship with your spouse. These elephant dcors bring harmony and boost the bond between partners, as per vastu norms.