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Property for sale in Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon Haryana

Why are investors purchasing property in Dwarka Expressway? If you are a property owner or investor, you would obviously prioritize the location, right? This is exactly the reason defining the popularity of new residential and commercial properties on Dwarka Expressway. As an investor, you would be looking for flats for sale in Dwarka Expressway that can yield you a decent return in the coming years. It would be a logical decision to get a new property in this part of the city, as you can seamlessly get across to all the places around. Moreover, the proximity to Delhi further enhances the property value significantly.

Dwarka Expressway – A Goldmine for Home Buyers

Dwarka Expressway (DXP), an 18-km long, eight-lane road connecting Delhi to NH-8 in Gurugram is becoming a new goldmine for property buyers in the Delhi-NCR region. DXP, which is also called North Peripheral Road, is seeing a sudden spurt in real estate investment due to the settling of litigation around a 150-meter patch recently. Buyers from Gurugram as well as Delhi are betting big on the strategic location of DXP.

Employment opportunities are picking up

Employment opportunities in and around DXP are picking up very fast. Numerous industries in and around DXP are coming up. Sectors 89, 113 and 114 have been earmarked for IT companies. An upbeat job market is working as a force multiplier as it is feeding into more demand for quality residential units in and around DXP. A diplomatic enclave has also been proposed in DXP which can give a facelift to the overall area. Once the enclave is operational, trade consuls, embassies along with numerous international commercial opportunities will come to DXP.

A host of Big Launches

As the micro-market has gained prominence, DXP has witnessed a slew of big launches in recent times from major developers such as Godrej, Adani, Sobha, M3M, Vatika, Emmar and much more. As developers are spotting tremendous potential in the market, they are expanding their foothold in DXP. Going forward, more numbers of high-profile big launches are expected in DXP.

Attractive ROI

Prices are still low in DXP when compared to other major micro-markets in Gurugram. It is estimated that the average property price in DXP is in tune to around INR 6,500/sq. ft. However, it is expected that prices will touch around INR 9,000/ sq. ft. in the next 18-24 months as the market is gaining steam. Projects with an assured return in commercial investment in Gurgaon will ensure that buyers who put their monies on the market will get a bang for their buck.

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