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Gurgaon (Officially known as Gurugram), also known as the Millennium city is located at 35kms from Delhi in Haryana and is included in the National Capital Region. The city is the second largest contributor of residential markets in NCR, and caters to all types of target audience from those interested in 1 BHK flats to luxury villas and penthouses. Mentioned below are some of the popular Ongoing Residential Projects in Gurgaon with options available for 1, 2 & 3 BHK Flats across Gurgaon.


Gurgaon is indeed the second largest contributor to residential revenue when compared to other metro cities of India. It is just 35 kms away from the NCT of Delhi and is situated in the state of Haryana. The place is one of the largest contributors to the realty sector in India and has everything under its umbrella from penthouses, independent villas, and flats, apartments, affordable housing options, commercial office spaces, retail outlets, etc.


Travelling has been made easy and hassle-free due to metro stations being developed here which will connect it to Delhi as well as Noida. As per the analysts and speculators who study the property market in and out, Gurgaon is supposedly one of the best investment options available today. The prices will go up strongly in the near future and the population influx will only grow further. The return on investment is going to be very high and promising. The city gives you the ease of staying with east connectivity to NCT of Delhi.

Flats in Gurgaon have been the pageant of the sea for the property investors. Moreover, inside the NCR, Gurgaon is by far the best investment option.

The realty prices are reasonable and the realty market has a lot of stability. With what is visible in the current time, it would not be wrong to say that the prices of the property here will appreciate fast and the right time to invest in this property market is now. As the city is in naïve stage and a lot of development is still happening, hence the property prices have been marked reasonably. The wise investors are already investing in the property here with the surety of good returns on the investments done.

There are plenty of Flats in Gurgaon that are up for sale. These flats come in all configurations and specifications to suit the different needs of the individuals. There is also an increasing growing concept of affordable living which is inviting a lot of new buyers in the market. The property available for sale here is available with good financing back-up to make these purchases hassle-free. Due to the immense complex lifestyle, people these days prefer ready to move Flats. There are a lot of young professionals who are willing to invest in the realty sector as the income of these professionals is really high due to well-paying MNC’s which have set up offices here in Gurgaon.


There are already a lot of talks about the new developments happening in the city that attracts investors all over the world buy residential Flats in Gurgaon. The builders entering the market here are already renowned for their previous projects and have built a good reputation in the market. There is a lot of transparency in dealings and all the builders make all information transparent. The flats are getting sold at a fast pace.

This whole new concept of community living has added a lot of value to modern living spaces. People these days get all recreation, necessities and learning within the boundaries of their housing societies. Thanks to the smart projects which are coming up, many people are realizing the benefits of living in these residential projects unlike anywhere else. Also, living together in apartments gives you a sense of complete security with ample opportunities to build social friendships and outings with your neighbors. Smart projects by giant builders are coming up fast in this area.

Gurgaon is in fact growing and developing way too faster than one can imagine. People from all over India are relocating to here for better opportunities in terms of studies and career. Plenty of job opportunities make it absolutely convenient for young professionals to choose this Millennium city as their home destination. A lot of elderlies are also shifting here as they want to stay close to their kids who have relocated here for good career prospects.

Overcrowded Delhi is extending its wings to its outskirts which are Gurgaon and Noida. People here are living a high-class comfortable living with all amenities within their reach. There are more outsiders in Gurgaon then the locals. Sooner or later, living here is going to bring you good prospects from every aspect of life. There is a lot of student crowd here as well who look out for hiring flats as shared accommodations. So, grab this golden opportunity and invest in this budding market right away before it is too late.